Like the Deserts Miss the Rain

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Like the Deserts Miss the Rain
Greatest hits album by Everything but the Girl
Released 21 October 2002[1]
Recorded 1984–1999
Genre Alternative dance, alternative rock, electronica, sophisti-pop, jazz, downtempo, trip hop
Length 69:21
Label Atlantic (U.S.)
Virgin Records/Blanco y Negro Records (Europe)
Everything but the Girl chronology
Like the Deserts Miss the Rain
Adapt or Die: Ten Years of Remixes
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Allmusic 4/5 stars link

Like the Deserts Miss the Rain is a compilation album by the British band Everything but the Girl, released in 2002. An accompanying DVD with the same title was also released the same year. It is titled after a line from the song "Missing".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains" (Captain Beefheart) Previously unreleased
  2. "Rollercoaster" from Amplified Heart
  3. "Corcovado" from Red Hot + Rio
  4. "Each and Every One" from Eden
  5. "Before Today" (Chicane Remix) from Walking Wounded
  6. "Mine" from Everything but the Girl
  7. "Protection" (Massive Attack with Tracey Thorn) from Protection
  8. "Single" (Photek Remix) from Walking Wounded
  9. "Tracey in My Room" (Lazy Dog Bootleg Vocal Mix) non album single
  10. "Missing" (Todd Terry Remix) from Amplified Heart
  11. "Almost Blue" (Elvis Costello) Previously unreleased
  12. "No Difference" from Temperamental
  13. "Cross My Heart" from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
  14. "Mirrorball" Walking Wounded
  15. "A Piece of My Mind" Previously unreleased
  16. "Walking Wounded" Walking Wounded



  1. "Missing" (Todd Terry Remix)
  2. "Single"
  3. "The only living boy in New York"
  4. "Temperamental"
  5. "Love is here where I live"
  6. "Five Fathoms"
  7. "Each and Every One"
  8. "Driving"
  9. "Walking Wounded"


  1. "Before Today"
  2. "Temperamental"
  3. "Protection"


  1. "Frozen River"
  2. "Mirrorball"
  3. "Flipside"

Extras include: Photo gallery, interactive video mix of "Temperamental"