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Lilian Faschinger (born April 29, 1950 in Tschöran, Carinthia) is an Austrian novelist, short story writer, poet, and literary translator.

Faschinger studied literature, history, and English at the University of Graz, earning a doctorate in English literature. Her first novel Die neue Scheherazade (The New Scheherazade) attracted considerable critical recognition when it appeared in 1986. Her second novel, Lustspiel appeared in 1989, followed by two collections of short stories (Frau mit drei Flugzeugen (Woman with Three Airplanes) in 1993 and Sprünge in 1994. Her most recent novels are Magdalena Sünderin (Magdalena the Sinner, 1995) and Wiener Passion (Viennese Passion, 1999). She won international recognition with her novel, Magdalena Sünderin, (1995), which was translated into 17 languages. Her fiction includes critique of Austrian society and customs from a woman’s perspective.

In addition to fiction, Faschinger has also written and published poetry. Her translations of Gertrude Stein, Paul Bowles, and others have also earned critical acclaim.[1]

Faschinger lives in Vienna.


  • Die neue Scheherazade (1986)
  • Lustspiel (1989)
  • Magdalena Sünderin (1995) (Magdalena the Sinner, translated by Shaun Whiteside)
  • Wiener Passion (1999) (Vienna Passion, translated by Anthea Bell, 2000)
  • Paarweise: Acht Pariser Episoden (2002)
  • Stadt der Verlierer (2007)

Her translations into German include works by Paul Bowles, Janet Frame, Elizabeth Smart, and Gertrude Stein.


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