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Lillian Glass
Personal details
Born Miami, Florida
Occupation communication and body language expert, media commentator, jury/ litigation consultant, mediator

Lillian Glass (Dr. Lillian Glass) is an American communication and body language expert, media commentator, jury/ litigation consultant, mediator and author.

Her best-selling books include Toxic People,[1] where she coined and popularized the term "toxic people", which is a part of today's vernacular.[2] She also wrote "Talk to Win". "Say It Right", He Says She Says,[3] and several books on body language including, "I Know What You're Thinking", "The Body Language Advantage," "A Guide to Identifying Terrorists Through Body Language" co authored with former FBI Special Agent D. Vincent Sullivan,[4] and "The Body Language of Liars.[5] Her books have been translated into almost every language throughout the world.

She has had a monthly body language column in Cosmopolitan Magazine and appears throughout the media analyzing the body language and communication of newsmakers[6] and also writes about them in her popular Dr. Lillian Glass Body Language Blog.

She is also a jury/ litigation consultant, where she helps prepare witnesses for trial and has served as an expert witness.[7] She is also trained as a mediator.


Glass received a bachelor of science degree from Bradley University[8] in Speech and Hearing Sciences, where she was named one of Glamour Magazine's Top 10 College Women.[9] She earned her master of science degree from the University of Michigan, where she became interested in gender differences in communication and the study of cranial and dental- facial abnormalities.[10]

At age 24, she received a doctorate degree from the University of Minnesota and was awarded a Bush Foundation fellowship.[11] She majored in communication disorders, with an emphasis on speech and hearing sciences, and minored in clinical genetics. Her research was later published in professional journals.[12][13][14][15][16]

Because of her interest in psychology, her doctoral dissertation focused on Psychosocial Perceptions of Speech and Cosmetic Appearance of Patients with Craniofacial Abnormalities.[17]

She received a post doctorate in Medical Genetics at UCLA School of Medicine where she received a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Grant and did research on speech and hearing problems of patients with a variety of genetic diseases, including those with neurological and skeletal problems. Glass published her research in various professional journals,[18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31] including the New England Journal of Medicine where she discovered there were distinct voice patterns in patients with neurofibromatosis.[32] She also discovered a genetic syndrome involving deafness and a dental abnormality, now termed The Glass-Gorlin Syndrome (oligondtia and sensorineural deafness).[33][34]

In 2013, Glass received her certificate in Mediation from Pepperdine University’s School of Law Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution.


Academic career[edit]

Upon completing her post doctoral training at UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Glass became an Associate Professor at the University of Southern California (USC). She held joint appointments with the School of Medicine,[35] Department of Medical Genetics, School of Dentistry, and Department of Speech Communication and was a researcher at the USC Speech Research Lab.[36]

Private Practice and Celebrity Clients[edit]

Dr. Glass began her private practice in Beverly Hills, California, treating patients with speech and hearing difficulties. Her practice progressed to training actors for movie roles. One of her first clients was Dustin Hoffman, whom she helped train to talk like a woman for his role in the film Tootsie.[37][38][39] Subsequently, she helped other actors. Among her celebrated clients were Dolph Lundgren,[40] Ben Vereen[40] Rob Lowe,[40]Andy Garcia, Melanie Griffith, Dolly Parton,[41]Mickey Rourke,[42] Forest Whitaker,[43] Julio Iglesias (for his song To All the Girls),[44] Sean Connery,[45][46] Christopher Lambert[47][48] and deaf actress Marlee Matlin, whom she coached to speak publicly at the Academy Award Ceremonies[49] and in film roles.[50][51]

Media career[edit]


Dr. Glass began her television career as a co-host on Alive and Well on USA Network[52] and as a psychology reporter for the ABC affiliate in Los Angeles, KABC Television.[53] She appeared frequently as an expert on daytime talk shows,[54] news, entertainment, morning shows,[55][56][57] and magazine shows.[58][59][60][61]

She has appeared as a body language expert on the HLN Nancy Grace Show,[62][63] MSNBC,[64][65] Entertainment Tonight,[66][67] the Insider,[68][69][70] "20/20", "Extra", "Access Hollywood", "Good Morning America", "The Daily Show With John Stewart",[71] and the Dr. Phil Show.[72][73]

Dr. Glass has appeared on reality shows, including Discovery Network's Swim Suit Slimdown, Discovery Health,[74] PAX TV's reality show about quitting smoking Cold Turkey,[75] The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, and FOX Television's Busted and Disgusted.[76]

She was the body language expert on Season 8 of Dancing With the Stars,[77] BRAVO's Millionaire Matchmaker,[78][79] and Swift Justice.[80] and was the resident therapist on Chelsea Lately.[81] Glass also portrayed herself in the film documentary Love Talk.[82]

Media Publications[edit]

Dr. Glass has written a monthly body language column for Cosmopolitan Magazine.[83][84]

Her body language analyses of newsmakers have appeared in US Weekly,[85] OK! Magazine,[86] Life and Style,[87] Newsweek,[88],[89],[90] Los Angeles Times,[91] The New York Times,[92] New York Post,[93] Washington Post [94]USA Today,[95] Los Angeles Magazine.[96] and The Wall Street Journal.

Along with her "Dr. Lillian Glass Body Language Blog,[97] Glass also writes about celebrities and newsmakers in her blog, "Reading People," for Psychology Today.[98] She has also been a contributor to Women in Crime Ink.

She has been featured throughout the internet on popular sites such as Yahoo,[99]Business Insider,[100] Hollywood Life, Radar Online,[101][102] Cosmopolitan,[103]Examiner,[104] and AP.[105]


Dr. Glass has lectured on the topic of communication and body language to businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, organizations, academic institutions, professional associations, legal organizations, and law enforcement groups throughout the world, including the FBI, on the topics of communication, body language, and signals of deception.[106]


In the spring of 2014 Dr.Lillian Glass teamed up with Marshalls Department Stores as the media spokesperson to promote their “Confidence Campaign.” In a study of 1000 women, 75% held themselves back due to a lack of confidence. Dr. Glass’ aim was to share how changing simple body language habits can help women to project a more self-assured persona to the world.[107]

Legal Consultant[edit]

Dr. Glass has provided expert testimony regarding body language, speech and vocal forensics [108] and behavioral analysis. She has been retained by attorneys as a jury/ litigation consultant, and has done jury selection and witness preparation.[109]


Beauty Pageant Winner and Beauty Pageant Judge[edit]

As a teenager, she was a beauty contest winner and selected Princess of the Americas. Years later, Glass served as a judge in the Miss USA Pageant (Miss Universe Organization) in 1989 held in Mobile, Alabama [110]

Honors and Awards[edit]

She was selected as "Outstanding Young Graduate" by Bradley University and inducted into membership into their highest alumni honor society, "The Centurion Society", for alumni who have achieved national and international fame.[111]

Dr. Glass was also honored by Glamour Magazine as an one of 10 “Outstanding Young Working Women” and also selected as one of the nation’s 9 “Successful Business Women.”

Professional Organizations[edit]

Dr. Glass served on the Board of Governors for the New York Chapter of the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS)[112] (Grammy Organization).

She is a member of American Society of Composers, and Authors and Publishers (ASCAP),[113] American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (AFTRA)[114] and Screen Actors Guild (SAG).[115]

Noise Pollution Awareness Advocacy[edit]

As a USC professor, Dr. Glass helped create public awareness via a media campaign, to warn the public against the dangers of noise pollution,[35] where she was the first to recommend that "earplugs should be as "commonplace as sunglasses", which they are today. She, along with a group of celebrities also advocated the building of acoustical or noise barriers to help mitigate noise pollution in Los Angeles. She was also on the Board of Directors of a consumer advocate group established by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association to help create awareness with regard to noise pollution.


Copyright Infringement Trial Won Against Marsha Petrie Sue[edit]

While doing a title search on, Dr. Glass discovered a book entitled "Toxic People" published in 2007 by Marsha Petrie Sue. Dr. Glass had written a book by that same title 1995. After reading Marsha Petrie Sue's book, Glass discovered that Petrie Sue had done word for word copying of her materials. Glass then filed a lawsuit in the United States Federal Court in Los Angeles against Marsha Petrie Sue.[116] Petrie Sue countered with a summary judgment motion and lost.[117] On December 9, 2010, Glass won a unanimous jury verdict in US Federal Court for copyright infringement against Marsha Petrie Sue (Dr. Lillian Glass v Marsha Petrie Sue Case Number CV 09-08570-RGK (SHx)).[118][119][120][121][121][122][123][124]

Published Works[edit]


  • How to Deprogram Your Valley Girl 1982 (NY: Workman Publishing). ISBN 0-89480-239-9.
  • Talk to Win- Six Steps to a Successful Vocal Image 1987 (NY: Putman Publishing). ISBN 0399513868.
  • Confident Conversation, 1991 (London: Piatkus Publishing). ISBN 0-7499-1081-X (hard cover) . ISBN 0-7499-1085-2 (soft cover).
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  • "The Body Language Advantage: Maximize Your Personal and Professional Relationships with this Ultimate Photo Guide to Deciphering What Others Are Secretly Saying,in Any Situation", 2012 (Massachusetts: Fair Winds Press). ISBN 978-1592335152.
  • "The Body Language of Liars: From Little White Lies to Pathological Deception - How to See through the Fibs, Frauds, and Falsehoods People Tell You Every Day", 2013, (Massachusetts: Career Press). ISBN 1601632800.


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