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Lillie Pierce Voss (born 15 August 1876[1]) was a writer and early pioneer born in Florida, nominated in 2011/12 for the Florida Women's Hall of Fame by the Florida Commission on the Status of Women.[2]

Lillie Pierce was the first non-Native American child born between Jupiter, Florida and Miami, Florida and learned to interact with the Seminole Indians as a child. She hunted, fished, and sailed. She acquired the nickname "Sweetheart of the Barefoot Mailmen". Her husband was a boat captain and steam engineer, who worked in South Florida during the late 19th century and early 20th century. The couple piloted yachts between Palm Beach and New England for wealthy seasonal Palm Beach residents. Voss raised five children and resided in Delray Beach. She was a 2011/2012 nominee for the Florida Women's Hall of Fame.[2]


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