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Lilly Caul (comic and novels)
Lilly Chambler (TV show)
The Walking Dead (comics)
The Walking Dead
Lilly (comics).jpg
Lilly, as depicted in the comic book series.
First appearance Issue #46 (comics)
The Road to Woodbury
"Live Bait" (TV series)
Last appearance Issue #48 (comics)
The Fall of The Governor
"Too Far Gone" (TV series)
Created by Robert Kirkman
Tony Moore
Charlie Adlard
Portrayed by Audrey Marie Anderson
Occupation Airwoman (comic and novels)
Nurse (TV series)
Family Father: David Chambler (TV series)
Sister: Tara Chambler (TV series)
Daughter: Meghan Chambler (TV series)
Significant other(s) The Governor (TV series)

Lilly is a fictional character in The Walking Dead franchise. She appears in the comic book series The Walking Dead and novel series as Lilly Caul, whereas the TV series presents a modified version of her character with the last name 'Chambler'. She is portrayed by Audrey Marie Anderson and featured in the fourth season of American television series of the same name. In both media, she is the one who delivers the fatal blow to the Governor by shooting him in the head.

Character background[edit]

In the comics and novels, Lilly is a young woman in her twenties. She worked for the Air Force prior to the outbreak. In the TV series, Lilly is displayed as being significantly older and both a nurse and mother. In all three media, she is a member of The Governor's entourage.


Comic book series[edit]

Lilly appears very briefly in the comic series. She, along with other townsfolk from the community of Woodbury are rallied against a group at the prison led by Rick Grimes after they are made out by The Governor to be savages and a threat to their well-being. Once arriving at the prison and engaging in an intense firefight, she is ordered by Philip to kill a fleeing group member. After shooting them, Lilly is horrified to discover that they had been holding a baby while attempting to escape. When a large crowd of zombies breaks through into the prison yard, Lilly shoots The Governor in the back of the head as revenge for forcing her to kill a mother and child. She throws his body to the horde while attempting to lead the remnants of the Woodbury survivors into the prison. The prison becomes overrun with zombies. It is unknown what becomes of Lilly or any of the others.


Lilly is featured as the main character in The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury and a secondary character for both parts of The Fall of the Governor. It is revealed that her father had sacrificed himself to save her at some point during the outbreak. Months following, she joins a camp alongside her best friend Megan. During her time at the camp, she befriends and eventually becomes romantically entangled with group member Josh. The camp eventually gets overrun and Lilly, Megan, and Josh, along with other group members Bob and Scott, make it out alive. They are eventually found by Caesar Martinez while out on the road and brought to Woodbury, which has recently been brought under the control of The Governor. Not long after settling into the town, Josh is killed during a brawl and Megan commits suicide. Both of these events send Lilly into a deep depression. She later attempts to form a coup against The Governor with several other Woodbury citizens after all of them become increasingly aware of the man's unstable condition, however the plan is quickly thwarted and as punishment all of them are forced to chop up dead bodies.

Lilly later ends up getting romantically entangled with another man, Austin, who she befriends on a scavenging mission. He eventually gets her pregnant, and while Lilly at first is hesitant about keeping it, she comes to agree with Austin that the baby be carried to term.

Lilly is also the protagonist in the The Walking Dead: Descent novels, which follows The Fall of the Governor and is about an attempt to rebuild Woodbury after the failed prison assault.[1]

Television series[edit]

Lilly first appears in "Live Bait", the sixth episode of the fourth season. She is introduced with a family, consisting of her daughter Meghan, younger sister Tara, and ailing father David. Ever since the initial stages of the outbreak, she has holed her family up in her apartment complex, all of them oblivious to the outside world. The Governor stumbles upon their site and is taken in, with Lilly frequently tending to him. Once David dies, Lilly convinces him to let them join in on his traveling. While out on the road, the two become lovers.

In "Too Far Gone", she questions The Governor's intent but still stays with him. After her daughter Meghan is bitten by a walker, she carries her to The Governor, who coldly shoots Meghan to prevent her from coming back as a walker. Later, when The Governor was laying on the ground after being stabbed by Michonne, she walks up and shoots The Governor in the head, killing him.

In the episode "Inmates", Tara reveals to Glenn that she lost track of Lilly during the huge firefight, but she was surrounded by walkers, and that she had a fully loaded gun but failed to shoot any walkers. Tara then watched as Lilly was devoured alive by the horde.


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