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Lily Fayol (June 12, 1914, Allevard, Isère, May 15, 1999, Saint-Raphaël, Var) was a French singer.

The artistic career of Lily Fayol began shortly before World War II. Acquainted with talent manager Johnny Stark she had a series of hits from the 1940s including La Guitare à Chiquita, Le gros Bill, Le Régiment des mandolines, La Plume au chapeau, Les Trois bandits de Napoli, La Cane du Canada, La Bouteille, etc. In 1950 she was the star of the operetta Annie du Far-West alongside Marcel Merkès at the Théâtre du Châtelet.[1] Lily Fayol also starred in several films including La Tournée des Grands-Ducs (1953) and La Gueule de l'autre (1979). She was married to cycling champion Maurice Roux, and became a hotelier with her husband after leaving showbusiness. She died in Saint-Raphaël, Var, on May 15, 1999.



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