Limburger Domsingknaben

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Limburg Cathedral Boys' Choir (in German: "Limburger Domsingknaben") is a famous boys' choir from Limburg, Germany. Their home is the musical boarding school in Hadamar, next to Limburg. The choir was founded in 1967 by the former bishop of Limburg, Dr. Wilhelm Kempf. The main task of the choir is the musical creation of the service on Sundays in the Cathedral of Limburg. In addition the choir sings services inside and outside of the diocese of Limburg and many concerts in the whole world. The repertoire contains all musical epochs.

Famous ex-members of the choir are Johannes Kalpers (*1968), known as a singer in TV, and the tenor Christoph Prégardien.

Different concert trips of the choir since 1987 were made to the US (1989, 1998 and 2007), Canada (1993 and 2001), Mexico (2000), Brazil (2011), Argentina (2011), Paraguay (2011), South Africa (1995) and other, mostly European countries.


Musical director (since 1987) is Klaus Knubben (*1947). Voice trainer (since 1984) is Wilhelm Gries (*1955).

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