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The Limca logo
Type Lemon-lime soda
Manufacturer The Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin India India
Introduced 1977
Related products Coca-Cola, 7 Up, Sprite

Limca is a lemon and lime flavoured carbonated soft drink made primarily in India and certain parts of the U.S.

In an interview in 2008, Ramesh Chauhan of Parle revealed that he had approached the owners of Duke's Lemonade, requesting them to share the formula for the drink with the promise not to make it in India, which was turned down. Chauhan decided to come up with his own formula, which he launched under the Limca brand in 1977.[1]

In 1992, when the Indian government allowed Coca-Cola to return for operations, at the same time as it admitted Pepsi for the first time, Coca-Cola bought local soft-drink (soda) brands, from Parle Agro owner Mr Ramesh Chauhan including Limca, Thums Up (a cola-like drink), Maaza (a mango-juice based drink), Citra and Gold Spot (Orange flavour).

Like most other sodas, Limca is generally sold in glass bottles within India, which are returned to the store or restaurant after the contents have been consumed. The bottles are sent back to the manufacturer, washed and reused, because the bottles are more expensive than the drink itself, and selling the drink in tin cans and plastic bottles steps up its market price. However, the drink is also sold in tin-cans and plastic bottles.

Prior to 1988 the original formula of Limca contained brominated vegetable oil (BVO). After world wide reports of ill effects of BVO - the use of BVO in soft drinks was banned in India. As a result of this ban - the formula for Limca was changed and BVO was removed from the concentrate for Limca.

Limca is marketed in 200 ml and 300 ml glass bottles with national maximum-retail prices of 8 Indian Rupees (INR) and 11 INR, respectively; 330 ml cans priced at 18 INR, 600 ml plastic bottles priced at 30 INR, 1.5 liter "Family Pack" plastic bottles at 45 INR, and 2 liter "Party Pack" plastic bottles priced at 55 INR. In certain establishments such as cinema-halls, snack-bars, and bakeries, Limca is available from soda-fountains, in 350 ml paper glasses (tumblers). Prices of fountain Limca vary.

Limca also publishes the Limca Book of Records, a record book similar to the Guinness Book of Records, started originally by Mr Ramesh Chauhan. The Limca Book of Records details feats, records and other unique statistics from an Indian perspective.

One of Limca's original and very popular taglines was "Limca. It's veri veri Lime & Lemoni." In India reigning top Hindi film actress and actors are generally chosen as brand-ambassadors for the product.

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