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Limmy's Show!
Limmy's Show! title card
Format Sketch show
Starring Brian Limond
Ryan Fletcher
Paul McCole
Alan McHugh
Kirstin McLean
Country of origin Scotland
No. of series 3 (1 Special)
No. of episodes 20
Executive producer(s) Jacqueline Sinclair
Producer(s) Rab Christie
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) The Comedy Unit
Original channel BBC Two Scotland
Original airing 11 January 2010 (2010-01-11)

Limmy's Show! is a Scottish comedy sketch show written, animated and directed by Brian Limond. The show stars Brian Limond, Ryan Fletcher, Paul McCole, Alan McHugh and Kirstin McLean. Previous stars include Debbie Welsh, Tom Brogan and Raymond Mearns.


Limmy's Show! was created as a result of the success of Limmy's live performances at The Fringe and the Glasgow International Comedy Festival based on his successful 2006 podcast Limmy's World of Glasgow. Several of the characters seen in Limmy's Show were originally created through this podcast, including Jacqueline McCafferty, Wee Gary and Dee Dee. The first series, which was approved following a successful pilot in February 2009, first aired on 11 January 2010 and ran weekly for six episodes. In July 2012, it was revealed by Limond via Twitter that he was currently filming the 3rd series. It was confirmed that series 3 would start on BBC 2 Scotland, on 12 November 2012. Additionally, a Christmas special was broadcast in December 2013. Each episode of Limmy's Show! is bumpered with a small intro followed by Limmy looking straight to camera and saying "Welcome tae Limmy's Show".

Recurring characters[edit]

Series one[edit]

  • Jacqueline McCafferty – An ex-junkie who lost three years of her life on heroin and a further five years on the methadone that was meant to get her off it. Jacqueline tries her hardest to fit in with the middle and upper classes and is very bitter about people looking down their nose at her. Jacqueline can be seen trying to buy clothes from Versace and getting a family portrait from an in-store photographer for her living room, much to the dismay of the shop's security guard.
  • Falconhoof – The costumed host of "Adventure Call", a live televised call-in show in which the host guides players through a fantasy role-playing game in order to win cash prizes. The humble host regularly has to deal with angry and unexpected callers, including those who have wasted or lost money as a result of calling the premium rate service.
  • Mr. Mulvaney – A mischievous and troublesome businessman plots to avoid trouble with the law as he struggles with his tendencies to set off fire alarms and graffiti bus shelters late at night.
  • Derek "Dee Dee" Dury – A spaced-out waster who spends his time doing absolutely nothing but over-analysing trivial things and bringing his kitchen to life through hallucination. In one memorable sketch, he rings his father to check 'whether or no' they had held a party 'up that Finnieston Crane' (pronounced Cran). In another, he stays up for hours to check how the phrase 'mmmmm… Danone' is pronounced on a TV advert. He can usually be saying 'It just dinnae ad up.'
  • Wee Gary – A primary school kid who spends his breaks and lunch times selling everything and anything to his fellow pupils, including spare plimsolls and advice to beat bullying. Not all goes as planned with his advice, but the trickster keeps the payment anyway.
  • Supercomputer – Limmy controls a supercomputer to wreak havoc on the things he hates in society and cause mischief in everyday life.
  • John Paul – Working class ned and all-round trouble maker John Paul terrorises and humiliates his victims, behaving in a loutish way.
  • Limmy – Limmy appears as himself and makes dry observations on life and modern culture. "Have you ever noticed…?" and "What would you do?" are common intros to these musings.

Series two[edit]

  • Raymond Day – A television psychic medium based on Colin Fry. He only seems to tell people bad news, such as that their loved ones have "gone downstairs", or that the spirits were playing a prank.
  • Major Boo Boo – An animated character, who although is dressed in a major's uniform, doesn't actually seem to be in the army. He makes mistakes frequently, or "major boo boos".
  • Larry Forsyth Experiments – These sketches are a series of experiments which the title character "Larry Forsyth" conducts with old drugs, which often have strange hallucinatory effects, and always end up with a nurse coming into the room and subduing him. The sketch is presented as a black and white TV show from the 1950s, modelled on an infamous unaired episode of Panorama in which Christopher Mayhew carried out a similar experiment using mescaline.
  • The Spies - Two spies who are intent on 'getting something' on the other one, but whose attempts are foiled by their ability to predict one another's actions.


Limmy's Show! has won a Scottish BAFTA award for Best Entertainment Programme twice, the first time on November 2011 [1] and the second one on 2013 [2]


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