Lincoln Community School

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Lincoln Community School
Accra, Ghana
Type Private, not for profit, college preparatory, co-educational, International
Established 1968
Superintendent Dr. Dennis Larkin
Principal Geoff Smith,Julie Olson
Grades Pre-School – 12
Enrollment 584
Colour(s) Blue and white         

Lincoln Community School is a private school in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. It is a non-profit, college-preparatory, international school. There is an expatriate population associated with the various embassies, Foreign Service agencies, NGO’s, United Nations organisations, and international businesses. They also have a large number of students whose parents are Ghanaian nationals. 20% of the students are Americans, 14% are Ghanaians, and 66% are from other countries. English is the language of instruction. Classes are offered from Preschool through to grade 12. The school year is divided into 2 semesters (August–December & January–June) and additionally into quarterly assessment periods. It was established in 1968.[1]


Lincoln Community School is authorised by the International Baccalaureate (IB) to offer the Primary Years (PYP), Middle Years (MYP) and Diploma Programmes (DP).[2] It is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA),[3] The Council of International Schools (CIS)[4] and is a member of The Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA).[5]


The school has 65 classrooms including 3 art rooms, 4 science labs, 3 technology labs, 2 music rooms, a visual and performing arts center, junior and senior school libraries, an early childhood center, a world language center and office space for guidance and administration. Sports facilities include a multipurpose hall, playground, a multipurpose court, 2 fields and a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a stage, and dressing room facilities.[6] Playground space includes 2 playing fields with recreational apparatus and a playground with a multipurpose court. There was a recently finished Middle School building (construction started early 2012 and commenced summer 2012). There are two HUBs (library), one for the Elementary School and another for the Secondary. The Elementary HUB has around 12,000 volumes while the Secondary HUB has close to 25,000 volumes as well as multimedia equipment. The school is equipped with interactive whiteboards in five of the elementary classrooms, in two of the secondary classrooms and in both of the library media centers. The school is 4 categories; Early Childhood Center (ECC), Elementary School (ES), Middle School, also known as Middle Years Program, (MS or MYP) and High School (HS).


As of February 2011, the student population is 582 students from 51 and more countries.


There are 68 faculty members, including 26 U.S. citizens, 19 host-country nationals, 18 third-country nationals, and 5 U.K. citizens.[7] There are also 25 teaching assistants.


The School is governed by a 9-member Board of Directors. Members of the LCS Parent Association elect 6 directors for a two-year term and three directors are appointed by the U.S. Ambassador.


Lincoln has an active and instrumental Student Representative Council in the Senior School. There is an executive board elected by the student body, which includes President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Manager. Each grade also elects two representatives, who attend the SRC meetings every Tuesday where the principal and other members of the staff/admin are present. The Elementary School also has its own Student Council, with elected representatives from Grades 3 – 5. It is run by an elected Executive Office, comprising five Grade 5 students, who rotate through the roles of President, Vice President, Historian, Secretary and Treasurer.

SRC for 2009–2010 Year: President: Digvijay Mehra, Vice President: Sean Azu, Secretary: Alex Ike, Treasurer: Yung-Jae Suh, Publicity Manager: Elorm Klogo, Grade 12: Ekke Kanda, Grade 11: Nung Yoo and Chrissie Chinebuah, Grade 10: Yannick Wondergem and Richard Duh, Grade 9: Vera Bednar and Luke Gockowski,

SRC for 2010–2011 Year: President: Chrissie Chinebuah, Vice President: Quinci Cohen, Secretary: Ara Chung, Treasurer: Frances Osei-Bonsu, Publicity Manager: Anna Atta, Grade 12: Nung Yoo and Alex Ike Grade 11: Yannick Wondergem and Gus Crowards Grade 10: Elisa Castagna and Akosua Sikayena Nsiah-Poku Grade 9: Tate Crowards and Astouline Nutakor


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