Lincoln Hill, Syracuse

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Lincoln Hill
Syracuse Lincoln Park Location.gif

Location in Syracuse

Annexed 1841
Population (2000) 2,283
Median age 33.9
Median household income $31,221
Owner-occupied housing 45.5
ZIP codes 13203

Lincoln Hill is a neighborhood in Syracuse, New York.


James Street is the northern border of Lincoln Hill, where it borders the Sedgwick Neighborhood. The western border streets are Sedgwick Street and Elm Street, where the neighborhood borders the Near Northeast Neighborhood. The southern border is Interstate 690, south of which lies the Near Eastside Neighborhood. Lincoln Hill's eastern border is Teall Avenue, where it borders Eastwood.

Primary Characteristics[edit]

Located in the near northeast section of Syracuse, Lincoln Hill is a primarily residential neighborhood with a mix of single‐family homes and apartment buildings.[1] There are several pockets of commercial activity as well. "The newest vintage neighborhood in Syracuse," in the past it was part of a larger neighborhood called "the Vineyard," and this heritage is reflected in the grapevine motif of the Lincoln Hill Neighborhood Association's logo. Although the neighborhood has identified itself as Lincoln Hill only since the 1980s, its history goes back much further.

Greenspace & Recreation[edit]

Lincoln Park dominates the neighborhood. This 19‐acre neighborhood park features a baseball field, a tennis court, basketball courts, a swimming pool, and large wooded area.

Economic Development[edit]

The neighborhood is home to several nonprofit organizations along Oak and James Streets and light commercial businesses along the 690 corridor.


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