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Lincoln Terrace is a historic and diverse neighborhood[1] in the Eastside district of Northeast Oklahoma City, located on either side of Lincoln Blvd just south of the Oklahoma State Capitol, between NE 13th and NE 23rd streets.] Most homes in the area were built during the decade (1920–30) after the erection of the state capitol.[2] The neighborhood has undergone a renaissance in recent years in part as a result of the expansion of the Oklahoma Medical Center complex on its south side.

Most of the homes in the neighborhood are in the Tudor Revival Style[3][4]

Local businesses and organizations in the neighborhood include: Joy Mennonite Church[5] and the Oklahoma Center for Conscience[6] (both on NE 16th Street, west of Lincoln); Papa Dino's Pizza,[7] and George's Happy Hog BBQ,[8] (both on Culbertson Drive), and The OUHSC Faculty House (on NE 14th Street).

The western part of the neighborhood is currently recognized by the National Register of Historic Places as Capitol-Lincoln Terrace Historic District.,[9] while the eastern part of the neighborhood is recognized as the Lincoln Terrace East Historic District.[10]


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Coordinates: 35°29′16″N 97°30′12″W / 35.48778°N 97.50333°W / 35.48778; -97.50333

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