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Linda, played by Linda Bove was one of the most innovative characters on the children's program Sesame Street. She was the first deaf regular in a television series.[citation needed] Linda Bove is a deaf actress, who appeared on Sesame Street with the National Theater of the Deaf, and made her debut as character on the show, a librarian named Linda, in Episode 0326, January 1972. She became a regular member of the Sesame Street television cast in 1975,[1] continuing until 2003.

The character could only communicate in sign language, but interacted positively with other members of the Sesame Street community, as a normal citizen and resident of Sesame Street. The person who most often acted as her interpreter was Bob; eventually he and Linda were portrayed as being in a romantic relationship.

Linda made her living as a librarian, and as such she also had an assistant, named Micki. Micki would read the stories to the children, while Linda told them in American Sign Language. She was played by a young New York actress Micki Barnett.

Micki also babysat Oscar the Grouch's niece; helped Maria in the Fix-It Shop; worked the counter in the library and related to Elmo, as well as interacting with Big Bird.

The character[clarification needed] quietly left the show in 2003.


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