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Linda Good
Instruments keyboards, Piano, Voice, Guitar
Associated acts The Twigs, Jane's Addiction, The Mars Volta, Bitter:Sweet

Linda Good is a songwriter, producer, keyboardist, singer and television and film composer.[1] She is co-founder, with her twin sister Laura, of the alternative pop band, The Twigs.[2] Good has also toured as a keyboardist with Jane's Addiction (2001),[3] The Mars Volta (2002),[4] the Lisa Marie Presley Band (2002–2006) and Bitter:Sweet (2007–2008).[5]

The Twigs[edit]

She has written and co-produced three albums with The Twigs.

  • Bring Me the Head of Eternity (1996) Whirl-I-Gig Records[6]
  • The Universe Tonight (2001) Whirl-I-Gig Records[7]
  • You Say Ah (2005) Whirl-I-Gig Records[8]


In June 2009 Good released her first solo album, Love is a Curious Thing on Whirl-i-gig Records. She played many of the instruments on the album (piano, keyboards, guitar, bass, and percussion) and produced and recorded most of the album in her home studio.[1] The single "Love Is..." was featured on the TV Show 90210 in April 2009. The album also features a duet with Chris Trapper of The Push Stars on the song "Bullseye."

In June 2008, the advance EP A Dog is a Dog featuring "Love Is..." reached top 5 requested albums on influential Los Angeles radio station KCRW.

Other projects[edit]

Good frequently collaborates with other artists and formed the folk-tronica duo The Plush Interiors with James Combs. They did a video of "Lately I Wonder" directed by Michael Klima, which won several awards. Their music has been heard on many TV shows including HBO's Entourage, Gossip Girl, Curl Girls, and in the award-winning documentary American Teen.

In 2008 Good produced the debut album All Night Through for the country-pop duo, The Shaker Sisters (Robyn Monks and Jen Zias) and co-wrote several songs on the record. The title track "All Night Through" was heard on Season 2's opening episode of HBO's hit show True Blood.

Good was featured on the compilation album "Sony/ATV Classic Covers Project, Vol.1" where she sang and produced a trip-hop version of Willie Nelson's "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain."

She has also performed with Stew of The Negro Problem, Wisely, and lent her vocal tracks to The Push Stars’ record, Paint the Town (33rd St. Records).[9]


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