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Linda Loredo (June 20, 1907, Arizona Territory – August 11, 1931, Los Angeles) was an American-born actress and dancer of Mexican descent. Today, she is most commonly associated with Spanish language versions of Laurel and Hardy short subjects. Her sister, Maria Loredo, was also an actress.


Loredo entered silent films in 1927, playing Carmen in the ten-installment silent serial Heroes of the Wild, but her career really came into its own with the advent of sound. The Hal Roach Studios produced foreign-language versions of their most popular series -- Laurel and Hardy, Charley Chase, Our Gang and Harry Langdon—for the lucrative Spanish markets in both hemispheres.

Typically, the headline stars would stay on upon completion of the English-language version, and then would speak their foreign lines phonetically from cue cards in shot-for-shot remakes; they would be joined by native-speaking supporting players to round out the cast. Loredo's fluency in Spanish was of great value in the making of these films.

Ms. Loredo brought her dark Latin good looks to Spanish versions of Charley Chase and Harry Langdon shorts during this time, but today she is best known for her roles in four Spanish language films with Laurel and Hardy:

This final title was padded out to six reels (about an hour) in the Spanish version and released as a feature in Spanish markets. In her last film, the English language short Come Clean (1931), she played the distaff half of the Laurel family. Her piercingly shrill "Stan-LEEEEEE" brought Mr. Laurel instant sympathy from every husband in attendance.

Roach ceased production of foreign-language versions in early 1931.


Loredo entered Queen of Angels Hospital on June 11, 1931 for an emergency appendectomy and succumbed two months later to peritonitis, age 24.


Come Clean (1931) -- Mrs. Laurel
Politiquerías (1931) -- Sra. Hardy
Los Calaveras (1931) -- Sra. Hardy
El Alma de la Fiesta (1931) -- Doctora
La Señorita de Chicago (1931)
La Vida Nocturna (1930) -- Sra. Laurel
El Jugador de Golf (1930)
La Estación de Gasolina (1930)
¡Pobre Infeliz! (1930)
Radiomanía (1930) -- Sra. Hardy
Great Gobs (1929)
After the Storm (1928) -- Malay Dancer
Heroes of the Wild (1927) -- Carmen

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