Lindisfarne College, New Zealand

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Lindisfarne College
Pakowhai Road,
New Zealand
Coordinates 39°37′28″S 176°50′06″E / 39.6244°S 176.8349°E / -39.6244; 176.8349Coordinates: 39°37′28″S 176°50′06″E / 39.6244°S 176.8349°E / -39.6244; 176.8349
Type State Integrated , Boys, Intermediate & Secondary
Motto Ascensiones In Corde - Highways in the Heart
Denomination Presbyterian
Established 14 April 1953
Ministry of Education Institution no. 230
Rector Ken MacLeod
School roll 497[1] (March 2015)
Socio-economic decile 9Q[2]

Lindisfarne College is a state integrated Presbyterian boys' day and boarding intermediate and high school Hastings, New Zealand. The school is named after the Holy island Lindisfarne off the northeast coast of England. The College was established on 14 April 1953, by the Herrick Family. The modest roll of 33 students rapidly increased, in 2013 being over 500 students. About half the school students are full or weekly borders. Its sister school, Iona College for girls, is situated in nearby Havelock North.

Lindisfarne is currently in the process of constructing a new performing arts block. Recently, various buildings around the school have been upgraded including the dining hall, gymnasium, and music department. The current rector is Ken MacLeod. He succeeded Grant Lander in 2010.

Lindisfarne has an established house system with four houses: Aidan, Cuthbert, Oswald, and Durham. Boys whose fathers are alumni of the school are placed in the same house that their father was in. Brothers usually are placed in the same house, regardless of whether their father attended to create a sense of family within houses. Students participate in various interhouse activities during the course of the year with the ultimate goal of winning the Gahan Shield.

Joint Activities[edit]

Lindisfarne is located adjacent Hastings Girls High School. These two schools have joint musical ensembles (Concord Symphonic, junior concert band). Lindisfarne also engages in an annual theatrical production with Hastings Girls High, Iona College, or Woodford House (also in Havelock North). In the past Lindisfarne College has had associations with Turakina Māori Girls College (Marton) and Saint Joseph Maori Girls School in Taradale as well as Hasting Girls High through the kapahaka activities of the Lindisfarne College Te Whāiti-Nui-A-Toi Scholars. These scholars have also represented Lindisfarne at the Hawkes Bay Secondary Schools Cultural Festival and participated in other auspiscious openings and welcoming ceremonies such as the Te Māori Exhibition in 1986.

Academic Excellence[edit]

Lindisfarne College places a strong emphasis on academic achievement. A majority of the school's students are given the opportunity to sit at least one or two subjects a year ahead of their own level.

Sporting Endeavour[edit]

Lindisfarne has immense pride in its sporting culture. Participation in sport is compulsory for every student at the school. The school has had a number of former students go on to represent New Zealand in various sports. There have also been a large number of students represent New Zealand at age-group level while still at the school.

Cultural participation[edit]

Lindisfarne has immense pride in its Scottish heritage through its founding members in particular, Rev. F.H. Robertson of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, but also through the Herrick family who gifted the land and its buildings for the creation of the school in 1953. Lindisfarne has also developed a strong Māori cultural dimension through the introduction of the Te Whāiti-Nui-A-Toi Scholarship in 1972, which has historical connections to the Maori Synod through the work of Presbyterian Missionaries to the Ngāi Tūhoe people of the Te Urewera region. The participation and fostering of music, drama and the arts is also readily encouraged for every student at the school who is so inclined to do so.

Christian Dimension[edit]

Chapel attendance is compulsory for all students. Chapel services are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and each student must attend three Sunday night services each term.


The houses of Lindisfarne are:

  • Aidan - (Red)

It is named after Saint Aidan.

  • Cuthbert - (Black)

It is named after Saint Cuthbert.

  • Oswald - (Blue)

It is named after Saint Oswald[disambiguation needed]. [3]

  • Durham - (Green)

It is named after the county of Durham in England. [4]

College Rectors and Roll[edit]

1953-1954 — Reverend F.H. Robertson (Roll 33 boarders)
 1955-1956 — P.H.G. Southwell (Roll 85 boarders)
 1956-1959 — J.W. Scougall (Roll 126 boarders)
 1959-1970 — A.C. Francis (Roll 134 boarders)
 1970-1978 — J.H.N. Pine (Roll 98 boarders and dayboys) 
 1978-1980 — P.M. Hill (Roll 159 boarders, 138 dayboys)
 1980-2000 — W.G. Smith (Roll 172 boarders, 133 dayboys)
 2000-2009 — G.W. Lander (Roll 126 boarders, 262 dayboys)
 2010 - Present — K. MacLeod (Commenced in Term (2)
  Roll 256 boarders, 240 dayboys = 496 boys

Notable alumni[edit]





  • Reverend Alan H. Hawea - Minister of Religion (Anglican).