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An early system of plant taxonomy, the Lindley system, was published by John Lindley in:

Lindley (1830). An Introduction to the Natural System of Botany. 
(available online at BHL)

It divides plants into the following groups (pages xxxv and xxxvii-xlviii): Pages in the Vegetable Kingdom, in [square brackets]


Lindley continued to refine and expand his classification, and published updates in:

Lindley (1833). Nixus Plantarum. 
(available online at BHL)
Lindley (1836). A Natural System of Botany, second edition. 
(available online at BHL)
Lindley (1838). Article "Exogens" in the Penny Cyclopedia. 
(available online at BHL)
Lindley (1839). Botanical Register, p. 77, Miscellaneous Matter. 
(available online at BHL)
Lindley (1845). The Vegetable Kingdom. 
(available online at BHL)

His final schemata is illustrated in his last work on pages lv-lxvii.[1] In this work he also reviews all his previous publications relative to the many known systems published at that time.