Line 12 (Madrid Metro)

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Line 12

Line 12, also known as MetroSur (Spanish for MetroSouth), is a line of the Madrid Metro inaugurated in 11 April 2003. Line 12 is a circular line that actually is not in the city of Madrid, but links five suburban towns south of Madrid, serving around 1 million people. The towns linked by Line 12 are Alcorcón, Leganés, Getafe, Fuenlabrada and Móstoles. The line runs underground, apart from a few stations at surface level. Total length is 41 km and there are 28 stations.


Alcorcon Metro Station


Line 12 stations have elements of art, such as the murals in the Hospital Severo Ochoa Station honoring the Nobel Prize winning biochemist, Severo Ochoa. Surface level stations are covered by massive roofs, with some glass to allow daylight - a similar system is used in Copenhagen and Prague Metro systems.


There are plans to build two new stations: Fuenlabrada Oeste between Loranca and Hospital de Fuenlabrada, and secondly Fuenlabrada Este between Arroyo Culebro and Parque de los Estados. No completion dates for these new stations have been given, as they are still in the planning stage.

Rolling stock[edit]

Line 12 uses 3-car trains of class 8000, but up to three extra coaches per train can be ordered if passenger numbers increase.