Line 14, Beijing Subway

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Line 14
BJS Line 14 icon.svg
Type Rapid transit
System Beijing Subway
Status Operational
Termini Zhangguozhuang
Stations 7
Operator(s) Beijing MTR Corp. Ltd.
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Electrification 1500 V Overhead line
Route map
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Garden Expo
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Lines 10, 14
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Line 14 of the Beijing Subway (Chinese: 北京地铁14号线; pinyin: běijīng dìtiě shísì hàoxiàn) is a rapid transit rail line in southwest Beijing. As of February 15, 2014, the line is 12.4 km in length with 7 stations, and is operated by the Beijing MTR Corp. Ltd.[1]

The line is being extended to run across the southern and eastern fringes of urban Beijing from Zhangguozhuang west of the Yongding River in the southwest corner of the city to Shan'gezhuang in the northeast corner. When fully completed, Line 14 will be 47.7 km in length and have 36 stations.[2]

The first phase of Line 14, from Zhanggezhuang to Xiju on the southwest corner of the Line 10 loop, opened on May 5, 2013. Most of Line 14's eastern portion is scheduled for completion by the end of 2014. The opening of the central portion of the line, from Xiju to Jiulongshan, is expected to follow in 2015.[2][3] Line 14 is the first metro line in Beijing to use high capacity wide-body A size trains.[4][5]

The eastern section is currently scheduled to be opened on 28 December 2014.[6]

List of Stations[edit]

Station Name
Station Name
Bus Transfer
Zhangguozhuang 张郭庄 310 565 574 624 830 843 Fengtai
Garden Expo 园博园 391 565 574 830 897 994 专55
Dawayao 大瓦窑 339 546 598 973 专17
Guozhuangzi 郭庄子 339 507 554 634
Dajing 大井 458 830 978
Qilizhuang 七里庄 9 77 83 323 335 451 458 477 480 483 531 658 687 830 839 840 896 958 969 973 978 998 特7 夜16 夜36
Xiju 西局 10 83 323 458 480 483 531 658 687 830 840 958 969 973 978 特7 夜36
Dongguantou 东管头
Lize Business District 丽泽商务区 16
Caihuying 菜户营
Xitieying 西铁营
Youanmenwai 右安门外
Beijing South Railway Station 北京南站 4
Taoranqiao 陶然桥 Dongcheng
Yongdingmenwai 永定门外 8
Anlelin 安乐林
Puhuangyu 蒲黄榆 5 Fengtai
Fangzhuang 方庄
Shilihe 十里河 10 Chaoyang
Nanbalizhuang 南八里庄
Songyu 松榆
Pingleyuan 平乐园
Jiulongshan 九龙山 7
Dawanglu 大望路 1
Hongmiao 红庙
Jintailu 金台路 6
Chaoyang Park 朝阳公园
Zaoying 枣营
Dongfeng Beiqiao 东风北桥
Jiangtai 将台
Gaojiayuan 高家园
Futong East 阜通东
Futong West 阜通西
Wangjing 望京 15
Donghuqu 东湖渠
Laiguangying 来广营
Shangezhuang 善各庄


The precise route of Line 14 has been revised several times and is still subject to change even as construction on Phase I gets underway. Line 14 is certain to begin in the southwest at Dongheyan Lu, just west of the Yongding River, pass through Beijing South Station, where platforms for Line 14 have already been built, and eventually reach Wangjing. Phase I calls for construction of a line from Dongheyan Lu to Guangqu Lu.[7]

A map showing Beijing subway lines currently in operation, in solid lines and lines now under construction or set for construction, including Line 14 (both Phases I & II), in dashed lines.
The partially completed Line 14 Qilizhuang Station concourse in January 2, 2012.

In Phase I, Line 14 will begin at the Dongheyan Lu in Fengtai District, on the southwestern edge of urban Beijing. It will cross the river to Zhangyi Village and enter the 5th Ring Road. Going due east on Fengtai Nan Lu, it will pass by the Fengtai Sports Center, enter the 4th Ring Road and continue eastward on Fengtai Bei Lu, which becomes Lize Lu inside the 3rd Ring Road. Line 14 then meets Line 4 at the Beijing South Station, the city’s newly built high-speed rail terminus, near Yongdingmen, near the southern tip of Chongwen District. Going further east, Line 14 re-enters Fengtai District and crosses Line 5 near Puhuangyu. It then follows Pufang Lu through the heavily residential Fangzhuang section of Fengtai and emerges outside of the 3rd Ring Road on Hongyan Lu in Chaoyang District. Line 14 ends its eastward journey abruptly at Xidawang Lu, where it turns straight north. After passing by the Beijing University of Technology, Phase I of Line 14 will end at the junction of Xidawang Lu and Guangqu Lu, due east of Jinsong.[3] Phase I may be completed by early as 2013.[2]

Phase II of Line 14 will continue north on Xidawang Lu, crossing Line 7 near Baiziwan, and Line 1, at Dawang Lu. Further north, Dawang Lu turns into Jintai Lu, which Line 14 will follow to the Chaoyang Park. After cutting through the park, Line 14 will exit the 4th Ring Road via Jiuxianqiao Lu, which then extends straight north to the Capital Airport Expressway. North of the expressway, Line 14 enters the vast Wangjing neighborhood of Chaoyang District. The Line bisects Wangjing from south to north on Guangshun Nan and Bei Dajie. It then emerges north of the 5th Ring Road and terminates in the Laiguangying section of Chaoyang District.[3] Phase II is expected to be completed in 2014.[2]


  • Sept. 23, 2008: Construction of Line 14 set to begin by the end of 2008.[3]
  • Nov. 6, 2009: Commencement of construction deferred; may begin by the end of 2009[8]
  • Jan. 7, 2010: Commencement of construction set to begin in 2010.[9]
  • Apr. 29, 2010: Construction begins on Phase I.[2]
  • May 5, 2013: Phase I, from Zhangguozhuang in the southwestern of the city to Xiju on the southwest corner of the Line 10 loop, opens.[10]
  • February 15, 2014, the Qilizhuang Station opens to Line 14 trains.[11]