Line 3, Chongqing Rail Transit

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Line 3
CRT3 Logo.png
ChongqingMetroLine3 Departing.jpg
Type Straddle-beam monorail
System Chongqing Rail Transit
Status Ltd Operation
Termini Yudong
Jiangbei Airport
Stations 39
Daily ridership 500,000 (2013 Daily Avg.)[1]
824,000 (2014 Peak)[2]
Opening 29 Sept 2011
Operator(s) Chongqing Rail Transit Corp., Ltd
Line length 55.5 km
Route map
Chongqing Metro Map.png
Interior of a Line 3 train

Chongqing Rail Transit Line 3 runs from north to south, linking the districts separated by Chongqing's two main rivers, the Yangtze (Chang Jiang) and Jialing rivers. The first phase of the line began construction on 5 April 2007. The initial segment from Lianglukou to Yuanyang (18 stations, 17.5 km) opened on September 29, 2011, with a northern extension from Yuanyang to Jiangbei Airport opening on December 30, 2011[3] and a southern extension from Ertang to terminus Yudong on December 28, 2012.[4] At 55.5 kilometers or 34.5 miles, Line 3 is the longest single monorail in the world by track length.[5][6]

There are interchange stations in central Yuzhong district for transfer with Line 1 at Lianglukou, and with Line 2 at Niujiaotuo and, in the future (est. 2013), at Yudong.

Service routes[edit]


Station Code
Station Name
Station Name
Platform Types
3/1 Yudong 鱼洞 Banan
3/2 Jinzhu 金竹
3/3 Yuhulu 鱼胡路
3/4 Xuetangwan 学堂湾
3/5 Dashancun 大山村
3/6 Chaoyouchang 炒油场
3/7 Chalukou 岔路口
3/8 Jiugongli 九公里
3/9 Qilong 麒龙
3/10 Bagongli 八公里
3/11 Ertang 二塘 side (elv) Nan'an
3/12 Liugongli 六公里 side (elv)
3/13 Wugongli 五公里 side (elv)
3/14 Sigongli 四公里 island (elv)
3/15 Nanping 南坪 island (und)
3/16 Gongmao 工贸 island (und)
3/17 Tongyuanju 铜元局 side (elv)
3/18 Lianglukou 两路口 side (und) 1 Yuzhong
3/19 Niujiaotuo 牛角沱 side (at-grd) 2
3/20 Huaxinjie 华新街 side (elv) Jiangbei
3/21 Guanyinqiao 观音桥 island (und)
3/22 Hongqihegou 红旗河沟 side (und) 6 Yubei
3/23 Jiazhoulu 嘉州路 side (elv)
3/24 Zhengjiayuanzi 郑家院子 side (elv)
3/25 Tangjiayuanzi 唐家院子 side (elv)
3/26 Shiziping 狮子坪 side (elv)
3/27 Chongqingbei Railway Station 重庆北站 side (und)
3/28 Longtousi 龙头寺 side (elv)
3/29 Tongjiayuanzi 童家院子 side (elv)
3/30 Jinyu 金渝 side (elv)
3/31 Jintonglu 金童路 side (elv)
3/32 Yuanyang 鸳鸯 side (elv)
3/33 The EXPO Garden 园博园 side (elv)
3/34 Cuiyun 翠云 side (elv)
3/35 Changfulu 长福路 island (elv)
3/36 Huixing 回兴 side (elv)
3/37 Shuanglong 双龙 side (elv)
3/38 Bijin 碧津 2 islands (elv)
3/39 Jiangbei Airport 江北机场 side (und)
3/40 Shuangfengqiao 双凤桥 Yubei
3/41 Airport Square 空港广场
3/42 Gaobaohu 高堡湖
3/43 Chuangxinlu 创新路
3/44 Guanyuedadao 观月大道
3/45 Lianhua 莲花
3/46 Jurenba 举人坝