Line 7, Shanghai Metro

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Line 7
Shanghai Metro logo.svg
Zhenping Road Station Line 7 Platform.jpg
Type Rapid transit
System Shanghai Metro
Status Operational
Locale Shanghai, China
Termini Meilan Lake
Huamu Road
Stations 32
Daily ridership 780,000 (2014 Peak)[1]
Opening December 5, 2009


Elevated(Luonan Xincun and Meilan Lake)
Line length 44.2 km (27.5 mi)
No. of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification Overhead lines (1500 volts)
Operating speed 80 km/h (50 mph)
Route map
Line 7

Line 7 is a northwest-southeast line of the Shanghai Metro network. It connects the Baoshan District of Shanghai with the downtown core as well as the Pudong New Area and the Expo 2010 site. It currently runs from Meilan Lake in Baoshan District to Huamu Road in Pudong, which is near Shanghai New International Expo Center. The line is colored orange on system maps.

Service routes[edit]


Station Name
Station Name
Meilan Lake 美兰湖 Baoshan
Luonan Xincun 罗南新村
Panguang Road 潘广路
Liuhang 刘行
Gucun Park 顾村公园
Qihua Road 祁华路
Shanghai University 上海大学
Nanchen Road 南陈路
Shangda Road 上大路
Changzhong Road 场中路
Dachang Town 大场镇
Xingzhi Road 行知路
Dahuasan Road 大华三路
Xincun Road 新村路 Putuo
Langao Road 岚皋路
Zhenping Road 镇坪路 34
Changshou Road 长寿路 13(opens Dec 2014)
Changping Road 昌平路 Jing'an
Jing'an Temple 静安寺 2
Changshu Road 常熟路 1 Xuhui
Zhaojiabang Road 肇嘉浜路 9
Dong'an Road 东安路 4
Middle Longhua Road 龙华中路 12 (opens Dec 2014)
Houtan 后滩 Pudong
Changqing Road 长清路 13(opens dec 2014)
Yaohua Road 耀华路 8
Yuntai Road 云台路
West Gaoke Road 高科西路 6
South Yanggao Road 杨高南路
Jinxiu Road 锦绣路
Fanghua Road 芳华路
Longyang Road 龙阳路 216Maglev(Line 16 opens Dec 2014)
Huamu Road 花木路

Important stations[edit]


  • Construction began on November 24, 2005.
  • The first section of the line from Huamu Road to Shanghai University opened to the public on December 5, 2009.[2][3]
    • In the first few months of operation, the trains only operated from 9AM-4PM to allow for extended testing of the line.
    • On February 20, 2010, operating hours have been extended to fall in line with the rest of the metro system afterwards.[4][5]
  • On April 20, 2010, Houtan station entered operation.
  • In December 2010, three stations on the northern extension of the line opens.
  • In June 2011, two more stations on the northern extension of the line opens.

Rolling Stock[edit]

Type Time of manufacturing Series Sets Assembly Notes
Type A 2008– AC09 42 Tc+Mp+M+M+Mp+Tc Manufactured by CSR Changchun based on the Bombardier Movia platform.