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Artery: Lingual artery
Lingual artery.PNG
Superficial dissection of the right side of the neck, showing the carotid and subclavian arteries. The branch of the lingual artery is labeled
Veins of the tongue. The hypoglossal nerve has been displaced downward in this preparation (lingual artery labeled at center left).
Latin arteria lingualis
Gray's p.553
Supplies genioglossus
Source external carotid
Branches Sublingual artery
Deep lingual artery
Vein lingual vein

The lingual artery arises from the external carotid between the superior thyroid artery and facial artery. It can be located easily in the tongue.


It first runs obliquely upward and medialward to the greater cornu of the hyoid bone.

It then curves downward and forward, forming a loop which is crossed by the hypoglossal nerve, and passing beneath the Digastricus and Stylohyoideus it runs horizontally forward, beneath the Hyoglossus, and finally, ascending almost perpendicularly to the tongue, turns forward on its lower surface as far as the tip, under the name of the deep lingual artery (profunda linguae ).

It also supplies palatine tonsil.


  1. suprahyoid branch of lingual artery
  2. dorsal lingual branches of lingual artery
  3. deep lingual artery
  4. sublingual artery

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