Linnaean Society of New York

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The Linnaean Society of New York (LSNY) was established in 1878, in the city of New York, United States of America, by a group of amateurs interested in natural science, especially ornithology. The founding members included H.P. Bailey, Eugene Pintard Bicknell, Ernest Ingersoll, Clinton Hart Merriam and John Burroughs.[1]


The LSNY is a not-for-profit organization that holds meetings and public lectures on natural history and conservation. It publishes a regular newsletter containing articles, trip reports, book reviews and society news, as well as the occasional Proceedings and Transactions series. Monthly meetings are held from September to May at the American Museum of Natural History, with informal and occasional “summer meetings” at other times of year. The society also organizes numerous fieldtrips, both within New York City and further afield throughout the year. It also occasionally awards the Eisenmann Medal, commemorating ornithologist and prominent society member Eugene Eisenmann.[1]


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