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EE Linnusitamaa.png
Linnusitamaa in the northwestern part of Gulf of Riga.
Location Gulf of Riga
Coordinates 58°07′07″N 22°30′37″E / 58.11861°N 22.51028°E / 58.11861; 22.51028Coordinates: 58°07′07″N 22°30′37″E / 58.11861°N 22.51028°E / 58.11861; 22.51028
Area 5.07 ha (12.5 acres)
Coastline 2.1 km (1.3 mi)
County Saare County
Municipality Kaarma Parish
Settlement Abruka village
Population 0

Linnusitamaa (also known as Linnusita saar) is a 5.07 ha (12.5 acres)[1] uninhabited Estonian islet in the Gulf of Riga. It's located about 300 m (980 ft) south of the island of Abruka. Administratively Linnusitamaa belongs to the Abruka village in Kaarma Parish, Saare County.

The name is a curiosity, literally meaning "bird shit land" in Estonian. However, as the Estonian word does not have as offensive connotations as the English equivalent, it would more properly be translated as "guano island".[2]

Linnusitamaa (bottom) on the satellite image with neighbouring islands.

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