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Linshui County (simplified Chinese: 邻水县) is a county in China, administratively governed by the prefecture-level city Guang'an, birthplace of Deng Xiaoping, in eastern Sichuan province.

The county, which is not large, is accessible via a four-hour shuttle coach riding on the Chengnan expressway from Chengdu (Shiling public bus station) and a two-hour driving from the municipality city Chongqing on the south. The county is rich in natural resources, and has reservoirs of coal and sweet natural gas.

Strategically, Linshui County is on the only path out of Sichuan province in the east, as the connecting point between Dazhou – a municipal city in the north – and Chongqing, the municipality city in the south. The local economy is largely dependent on livestock and agricultural farming.

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Coordinates: 30°17′N 106°59′E / 30.283°N 106.983°E / 30.283; 106.983