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Linthicum & Linthicum was an architectural firm in North Carolina. It was a partnership of Hill Carter Linthicum (1860-1919) who was a prolific architect, and H. Colvin Linthicum, his son.[1]

Hill Carter Linthicum's father was contractor William H. Linthicum, who worked with Thomas Linthicum in a contracting firm started in Danville, Virginia in 1850. The contracting firm built in Virginia, Maryland, and especially in tobacco-prosperous Durham, North Carolina where they built "such key buildings as the W. Duke & Sons Company Cigarette Factory (1884); the E. J. Parrish Warehouse (1887); store buildings for M.C. Herndon, W.T. Blackwell, and Slater and Halliberton; and the Durham Baptist Church (1887)."[1] One or more of these works are in what is now Bright Leaf Historic District, a historic district in Durham, North Carolina that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[2]

Hill Carter was born in Virginia and was educated at Danville Military Academy.

A number of works of Hill Carter Linthicum and his son are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.[2]

Works include:

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