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Not to be confused with Lion Group of Malaysia

Lion Corporation
Type Kabushiki kaisha
Traded as TYO: 4912
Industry Consumer goods
Founded Tokyo, Japan (September 13, 1918 (1918-09-13))
Founders Tomijirō Kobayashi
Headquarters 3-7, Honjo Itchome, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan 130-8644
Key people Sadayoshi Fujishige (President)
Products Consumer goods
Revenue Increase¥331,100 million (December 2010)
Operating income Increase¥10,500 million (December 2010)
Net income Increase¥6,041 million (December 2010)
Total assets Increase¥260,939 million (December 2010)
Total equity Increase¥105,760 million (December 2010)
Employees 5,972 (consolidated, as of December 31, 2010)

Lion Corporation (ライオン株式会社 Raion Kabushiki Gaisha?) is a manufacturer of detergent, soap, medications, and oral hygiene products and other toiletries. The company also has a chemical engineering research division which works on developing new products.

The headquarters of Lion Corporation


1891 (Meiji 24 years) October Tomijiro Kobayashi was founded by. Toilet soap, as a starting point the laundry soap, 1896 was released the powder toothpaste "lion mark Lion toothpaste" in (1896). Currently, the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the first section of the listing , headquartered in Tokyo, Sumida-ku, Honjo there to 1-3-7. In addition, Mizuho Group (formerly Sankin-kai is also a member of the ← fifteen companies (Nippon Kangyo Bank system) Association). The business field basis Kao is the largest competitor companies. Although most of the products share to compete is two to second only to Kao, toothpaste founded item boasts a top share today. Product development capabilities is quite high, 1966 released in (1966) the lotion type of kitchen detergent "Mamaremon" is, too, a famous exist as synonymous with kitchen detergent. In addition, " LIPON F "(currently only for business) is actually a first kitchen detergent world (which is posted on the company history). Prewar one time of, professional baseball " Lion Army "(current Yokohama DeNA BayStars to become a sponsor of the predecessor of the genealogy of), after the war the Pacific League in the center (the Pacific League) baseball relationship with there was a strong season. By the way, was established along with the post-war Pacific League inauguration Lions Nishitetsu and (founded originally Nishitetsu Clippers scan) There is no relationship on the capital, the team song and offered a tie-up in the advertising surface because it is common in the "Lion", " Nishitetsu Lions song I have presented the ". Company name is derived from the fact that "lion mark Lion toothpaste" became hit products. This is, at that time " Zojirushi toothpaste "," Kirin toothpaste "gave the animal names such as toothpaste for had been widely distributed to the public, with a strong Fang refers to the king of beasts " Lion "is, naming of the dentifrice it is assumed that led to the adoption in that suitable as. In TV CM, from around 1983 autumn, the end of the "from Lion (narration responsible performer of each of the CM)" words with, catchphrase of served with "LION" logo , but comes out with the sound logo, of some is omitted in CM of goods, I had to appear smaller the logo of "LION" that accompanied the tagline at the top right of the screen. OTC drugs in TV CM of, many 15 seconds CM, it was displayed as "LION Pharmaceuticals" At the end of the CM in the upper right of the screen ( Bufferin but has never made any notation of "Lion" in TVCM from the beginning released , it came to be expressed than in 2008 which has acquired the trademark rights). However, according to the commodity is also display of only the "LION". Current logo modification previously for is inconsistent with or may not be present, the company name notation by initially in TV CM products, especially Emeron and pharmaceuticals relationship even for some time after 1980 the company name was unified was no company name notation. From the mid-1970s had a logo of "Lion fat," "Lion toothpaste" in the old mark in white in the last blue square of each item CM. Catch copy such as "Let's polish you eat" had or entered at that time. From 1980 three years old logo with the roar of the lion in the form Rashiki floral green background white [2] has been referred to as the "Lion stare living" under the [3] , from around 1983 in the square borders "○○ (product genre enters) Lion (white)", and "○○ Lion of (product genre enters)" from around 1983 autumn and revised, depending on the contents of corporate character Lion-chan and sound logo that is not there is also intended to fall [4] . Modified just before end-stage even appeared notation only "Lion" remains omitted. In the magazine ad, in the Lion toothpaste "Lion toothpaste Corporation" in Gothic in the lower right corner or in the body until 1975, then it was going to logo notation such as "beautiful make tomorrow Lion toothpaste" to the right of the lion mark. The Lion fat, only the "Lion fat Corporation" in the usual Gothic until 1969 notation, but since 1969 is (in principle horizontal, which has been referred to as the "Lion fat Co." logo in Lion mark, Depending on the content of the advertisement was also vertical story display). [5] logo of "Lion stare living" under the lion mark from 1980 after the merger are described in the corner of the ad, the lower, or small in the usual narrow Gothic somewhere in the ad of the text is " Lion Corporation "and notation. In the square ruled from 1983 "(enter product genre) ○○ Lion (white)" to change the. From 1991 of "LION" logo is notation, catchphrase on it has been expressed. Along with that company slogan in January 2012 has been revised, the CM of Sound logo ants TVCM for more than 30 seconds instead of "from Lion" is "love today. Lion" of female narration ("Hanamaru Market" Although narration for more than 30 seconds to raw CM has been introduced, performers in this case raw CM (described below), or if 15 seconds version can not be secured on the editing in 30 seconds version narration is only the "Lion" become) to become change, have been unified representation of the CM without sound logo, including OTC drugs ".LION love today."


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