Lionel Boas

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Lionel Boas
Born 1875
South Australia
Died 1949
Nationality Australian
Occupation Public official
Religion Jewish
Parents Abraham Boas

Lionel Tobias Boas (1875 – 1949) was a prominent public official from Western Australia.


Early life[edit]

Lionel Tobias Boas was born in 1875 in South Australia. His father was Rabbi Abraham Boas (1844–1923).


He moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1896.[1] A decade later, in 1906, he was elected a councillor to the City of Subiaco, serving for thirty-six years and was mayor of Subiaco from 1917 to 1920. With Jack Simons, he helped establish the Young Australia League in 1905 and served as its president until his death in 1949.


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