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Lionel Friedberg is a documentary film director who has written or produced films for Animal Planet, CBS, PBS, the History Channel, the Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel. He has 18 credits as Director of Photography, and has worked all over the world on both dramatic and nonfiction productions.

Friedberg was born in South Africa. He began his career working in the television industry in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). He later directed numerous TV episodes and single dramas in South Africa and was the Chairman of the South African Film and Television Association (SAFFTA) for many years. In 1966 he worked in Canada, where he was affiliated with the National Film Board of Canada, Montreal. In 1986 he moved to the United States. For the past 25 years, he has specialized in non-fiction series episodes and single shows. He is a vegan and active in the animal welfare movement. He also wrote a book about the history of apartheid and colonialism in Africa.

Partial filmography[edit]

  • A Sacred Duty: Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal the World (2007)
  • The Shape of Life (TV documentary series) (2002)
  • Gods and Goddesses' History Channel documentary, 2002. [1]
  • The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, Part 1 "Ocean World" (2001)
  • The Shape of Life: Episode 1, "Origins" (2001)
  • House of the Living Dead (1973)
  • Doctor Maniac (cinematographer, 1973)
  • Across the Rubicon (director) (date????)


  • 2006: Silver Screen Award - World on a String - The Sacred Bead
  • 2005: Cine Golden Eagle Award - World on a String - The Eternal Bead
  • 2005: Silver Screen Award World on a String - The Eternal Bead
  • 1997: Golden Eagle Award The Bible's Greatest Mysteries (Supervising Producer)
  • 1996: Nominee. Cable Ace Award Mysteries of the Bible (Supervising Producer)
  • 1996: Public Information Radio & Television Educational Society Buccaneer Award Windows Through Time (Producer/Writer/Director)
  • 1995: Nominee. Cable Ace Award Mysteries of the Bible (Supervising Producer)
  • 1994: Ohio Governor's State Award Mysteries Underground (Producer/Writer/Director)
  • 1993: National Primetime Emmy Award Mysteries Underground (Cinematographer)
  • 1993: National Television Academy News and Documentary Award - Mysteries Underground (Producer)
  • 1993: Columbus International Chris Award Mysteries Underground (Producer/Writer/Director)
  • 1993: Eastman Kodak Award Mysteries Underground (Cinematographer)
  • 1991: Columbus International Chris Award Sail On, Voyager! (Producer/Writer/Director)
  • 1991: Golden Eagle Award Sail On, Voyager! (Producer/Writer/Director)
  • 1991: Birmingham International Environmental Electra Award Crisis in the Atmosphere (Producer/Writer/Director)
  • 1990: Golden Eagle Award Crisis in the Atmosphere (Producer/Writer/Director)
  • 1990: American Association for the Advancement of Science Westinghouse Award The Great Dinosaur Hunt(Producer/Writer/Director)
  • 1990: Columbus International Chris Award The Great Dinosaur Hunt (Producer/Writer/Director)
  • 1985: Argus Star Tonight Award Hell on Earth (Director)
  • 1985: Eastman Kodak Visible Spectrum Award A Delicate Balance (Cinematographer)
  • 1984: Argus Star Tonight Award Then Came the English (Director)
  • 1978: International Anthropological Festival Grand Prix du Festival The Cultural Identity (Director/Cinematographer)
  • 1977: Argus Star Tonight Award The Tribal Identity (Director/Writer/Cinematographer)


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