Lip Up Fatty

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"Lip Up Fatty"
Single by Bad Manners
Released 1980
Genre Ska
Length 2:49

"Lip Up Fatty" is a single released by the ska band Bad Manners in June 1980, which got to #15[1] in the UK Singles Chart. It is one of a number of songs by Bad Manners about 'being fat', (a reference to the round figure of frontman, Buster Bloodvessel). According to Bloodvessel himself, ""Lip Up Fatty" was an expression used at our school to tell people to shut up".

The song is regarded as one of the most memorable to have been recorded by the band. Its signature melodic lines were a simple but careful blend of brass instruments and lead harmonica theme, played by Alan Sayag (Winston Bazoomies).

In November 2012, Tim Armstrong recorded a version as a part of his Tim Timebomb and Friends project.[2]

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