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Lipozene is a brand name dietary supplement sold by Obesity Research Institute, LLC. In its televised marketing campaign, Obesity Research Institute claims that taking Lipozene aides in shedding unwanted body fat.

Dosage and Ingredients[edit]

Lipozene has not been evaluated nor approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for effectiveness or substance.

Lipozene contains 1500 mg Amorphophallus Konjak. Amorphophallus Konjak is commonly referred to as konjac powder, and contains a water soluble polysaccharide called glucomannan that is regarded as a dietary fiber, along with other non-fibrous ingredients. The seller recommends two capsules with an 8 ounce glass of water before each meal.

Side effects[edit]

The most common side effects that may be caused by Lipozene include:

Individuals who experience severe side effects are recommended to cease taking the supplement and seek medical attention. Which include but are not limited to;


No interactions are listed on the official website.

Lipozene has been reported to interact with diabetes medications as it may cause a decrease in blood sugar levels.

Due to the action of lipozene on the digestive tract, some medications may not be absorbed correctly.


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