Lippo Centre (Hong Kong)

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Lippo Centre
Lippo centre.jpg
The Lippo Centre twin towers, with walls intended to suggest koalas climbing a tree--thus the reasoning behind the nickname--"The Koala Tree"
Alternative names Peregrine Tower
Bond Centrem
Lippo Tower I and II
General information
Status Complete
Type Commercial offices
Architectural style Brutalism
Location 89 Queensway
Hong Kong, China
Coordinates 22°16′45″N 114°09′48″E / 22.2793°N 114.1634°E / 22.2793; 114.1634Coordinates: 22°16′45″N 114°09′48″E / 22.2793°N 114.1634°E / 22.2793; 114.1634
Construction started 1986
Completed 1988
Owner Lippo Group
Roof Tower I: 172 m (564.3 ft)
Tower II: 186 m (610.2 ft)
Top floor Tower I: 166 m (544.6 ft)
Tower 2: 180 m (590.6 ft)
Technical details
Floor count Tower I: 44
Tower II: 48
Design and construction
Architect Paul Rudolph
Wong & Ouyang
Developer Alan Bond
Main contractor Hip Hing Construction

Lippo Centre (traditional Chinese: 力寶中心; simplified Chinese: 力宝中心; Jyutping: lik6 bou2 zung1 sam1; pinyin: Lìbǎo Zhōngxīn), previously known as the Bond Centre (traditional Chinese: 奔達中心; simplified Chinese: 奔达中心; Jyutping: ban1 daat6 zung1 sam1), is a twin-tower skyscraper complex completed in 1988 at 89 Queensway, in Admiralty on Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong, China. Tower I is 172 m (564.3 ft) with 44 storeys, and Tower II is 186 m (610.2 ft) with 48 storeys.


They were taken over by the Lippo Group after the collapse of the Bond Corporation.


The buildings were dubbed "The Koala Tree" because they resemble koalas clutching a tree. The buildings were designed by American architect Paul Rudolph,[6] who strove to relieve the traditional severity of skyscraper walls by designing clusters of obtruding windows.

Hong Kong artist Gerard D'Henderson, who designed the walls in the Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel, enriched the lobby with dramatic bas-relief murals.


One of the more famous companies registered in Lippo Centre is Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP) which serves and caters to the needs of Fairtrade producers in Asia and Pacific and has a membership of over 200 producer organizations. The building also houses the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong and Christian Muhr Global Asset Management, which employs 1,200 staff and occupies six floors of Tower Two of the Lippo Centre.

Popular culture[edit]

Lippo Centre is featured in the Golden City track in Burnout 3.


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