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Lisa Foiles
Born Lisa Renee Foiles
(1986-09-29) September 29, 1986 (age 28)
Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Occupation Actress / Video Game Journalist
Years active 2001—present

Lisa Renee Foiles (born September 29, 1986) is an American actress and video game journalist. Foiles is best known for appearing on seasons 7-10 on the popular Nickelodeon series All That. She and three other cast members (Chelsea Brummet, Jack DeSena, and Kyle Sullivan) were the only members to last through seasons 7-10.


All That[edit]

She was one of the new cast-members of the relaunch cast of All That in season seven. On the show she had many characters such as Claudia, and Kaffy. She was one of the cast-members who stayed on the show from the beginning of the relaunch to the cancellation of the show.

Snick On Air Dare[edit]

For seasons 7-9 on All That, Nickelodeon a segment was broadcast during commercial breaks called "Snick On Air Dare", which was similar to the television series Fear Factor. Each segment featured three cast members from All That, in which each of them would be placed in a glass cylinder and one would be randomly chosen to participate in a dare.

In season 7, Foiles had to lay down in a bathtub full of dead fish. After the dare Foiles said, "It was the nastiest thing I had ever done in my life".

In season 8, Foiles had to lay down in a box with her body covered in mud while live frogs hopped on her body for a minute. Also in that season, Foiles had to chew used gum.

In season 9, Foiles competed against Nickelodeon star Drake Bell from Drake and Josh. Both of them had to put their bodies in a giant chili bowl and had to eat the chili. The one who gained more weight would be the winner. After the dare, Foiles lost to Drake Bell. Also that season, Foiles had to compete against a cast member from Zoey 101. Foiles had to dance with clam chowder in her pants. After the dare, Foiles won the dance-off.

Other Projects[edit]

Foiles guest-starred in episode "If Boys Were Girls" of Malcolm in the Middle as Mallory, the female version of Malcolm.

Foiles appeared on the American television series, Leverage, as Trina, a pharmaceutical rep, in the episode, "The Double Blind Job".

Foiles also starred in the pilot for Yesterday Tonight, a show based around 1980's and 90's pop culture.[1]

Lisa currently runs the video game website Save Point, consisting of game reviews, articles, and videos featuring herself.

In 2010, Foiles appeared several times on The Angry Joe Show, a video game program hosted by Joe Vargas for That Guy with the Glasses and its sister website Blistered Thumbs. She also writes columns for the video game news website Kotaku.

She was also featured on The Escapist online magazine, where she formerly hosted Top 5 with Lisa Foiles. The show was temporarily on hiatus due to production difficulties.[2] As of March 2013, the series has been restarted.[3]

In 2011 Lisa joined forces with Comikaze Expo, planning the first ever All That reunion with Comikaze Expo CEO Regina Carpinelli. Comikaze has officially announced Lisa Foiles as the conventions official "gamer girl" and spokesperson. Comikaze has even stated that, "Every convention should have a Lisa Foiles".

She has also played in an amateur mini-drama series on YouTube, called The Street Fighter, in the role of Camille, and appeared in an Adventures of the League of STEAM short entitled "Tall Tails", as a mermaid. Additionally, she has had a guest appearance in SMBC comics and theatre.[4]

In 2012, Lisa was a model for the "Girls of Geek" calendar. Proceeds from the sales went to breast cancer research.[5] Also in 2012, Lisa played Zelda/Sheik in the Zelda mash-up "Fistful of Rupees".[6]

Lisa provides the voice of the tutorial in Ms. Splosion Man, and is the voice of I.R.I.S., the main character of the game LocoCycle.

In November 2012, she played a character in the Cracked skit, "If Movie Hackers Were More Like IT Guys".

She also appeared in IGN's parody of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop", titled "Macklemore Thrift Shop Game Shop Parody" on YouTube.

In 2013, Foiles recently guest starred in the fifth podcast of the Re-Open Nickelodeon Studios Facebook Page and YouTube channel with three administrators from the channel.

In 2012 and 2013, Foiles starred in game news informative podcasts broadcast in the popular YouTube channel, The Game Station[7]

In April 2013, Lisa was a guest on the Game Station podcast with John Bain (TotalBiscuit), Eric Hraab (Wowcrendor), and Joe Vargas (Angry Joe).

As of May 2014, Lisa is featured on the web show Analog on Gamespot.

As of late July 2014, Lisa is the host of the UFC Minute web show.[8]


Year Title Role Notes
2001 Even Stevens Carla 2 episodes
2002 The Master of Disguise Lisa (Deleted Scenes)
2003 Malcolm in the Middle Mallory Wilkerson Episode: If Boys Were Girls
2005 All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special Various Characters TV Movie
2000-2005 All That Regular Performer 33 episodes
2010 Leverage Trina Episode: The Double Blind Job
2011 The Street Fighter Camille Unknown Episodes
2012 Shiver Jennifer Direct to-DVD
2012 The League of S.T.E.A.M. Shelley the Mermaid Episode: Tall Tails
2013 Your Friends Close Aileen
2015 Muzzled Princess TV series; Announced


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