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Lisa Kindred is an American folk and blues singer.

Kindred, born in Buffalo,[1] was a figure in the Greenwich Village/Cambridge folk scene of the 1960s; she played with Bob Dylan and other folk singers, playing at the Cafe Wha?,[2] Club 47, The Bitter End and other venues.

Kindred's debut album, I Like It This Way, was released on Vanguard Records in 1965. Her second album was to have been released on Vanguard in 1966 under the title Kindred Spirit,[3] but the master tapes were stolen[4][5] and delivered to Mel Lyman, a musician in the backing band and soon-to-be leader of the Mel Lyman Family. The album was only released four years later on Warner Bros./Reprise Records under the aegis of the Lyman Family, titled American Avatar - Love Comes Rolling Down. The album cover showed a picture of Lyman, not Kindred.[4][5]

That was Kindred's last album on a major label. She became a long-time fixture on the San Francisco bar scene, appearing on occasional compilations[3] and two self-released albums, Steppin' Up In Class (2003) and Blues and Beyond (2013).


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