Lisbon, Maryland

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Lisbon is a town located in western Howard County in the state of Maryland in the United States, located roughly between Baltimore and Frederick and north of Washington, D.C..[1] It is roughly one square mile. Lisbon is located along Interstate 70 and Maryland Route 144 and is home to the first roundabout in Maryland.[2][3]

The National Road passed through the middle of the village of Lisbon, seen here in August 1912.

The above photograph is the National Road, looking East toward Baltimore. The road between the two houses runs north for 2 miles (3.2 km) to Woodbine, where the Patapsco River and the B&O Railroad cross the road. About one mile north of Lisbon exists the original road that ran from Baltimore to Frederick. This road runs west toward Poplar Springs and east toward Sykesville. The exact route of this road is not discernible at this time.

Lisbon is proudly protected by the brave volunteers at the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company.

Dairy farm near Lisbon.

Lisbon is home to the Carr's Mill Landfill, the Counties second landfill closed in 1977, and site of toxic dumping.[4]


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{(} Coordinates: 39°20′10″N 77°04′16″W / 39.33611°N 77.07111°W / 39.33611; -77.07111