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Charter for Rijeka / List for Fiume
Leader Danko Švorinić
Founded 2006
Headquarters Rijeka
Ideology Autonomism, Social Progressivism, Social Liberalism
European affiliation European Free Alliance
Politics of Croatia
Political parties

Charter for Rijeka (Lista za Rijeku - Lista per Fiume) is a regional political party with strong local-patriotic, autonomous and progressive-liberal tendencies, based in the city of Rijeka, Croatia. Founded in 2006 Charter for Rijeka is active primarily within the confines of the city of Rijeka and the boroughs surrounding it (the so-called Rijeka ring). Its main aim is to achieve increased authority and development for the regional and local government, and that should be realised through the retention of 70% of the locally collected taxes (which currently go to the central government coffers in Zagreb). The party also advocates a high level of self-governing autonomy and the city of Rijeka as its capital with a special autonomous self-governing status.

Party president is Danko Švorinić, and its governing body is its 9-member presidency council.

The party has two members in city of Rijeka council (6% on local elections 2013) and 6 elected councilors in city district councils.

Since 2010, Charter for Rijeka (Lista za Rijeku – Lista per Fiume) is a full member of the European Free Alliance.