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This is a list of the men's singles champions at the Grand Slam tournaments, the ATP championships, the Olympics, and the Masters series events since the introduction of the ATP Tour in 1990. While the ATP finals, Olympics and Masters tournaments are not as important as the four Majors, this chart will help in visualizing how much a player accomplished amongst his peers in the course of an entire year.

Each entry has an asterisk (*) linking to the tournament of that year.

Year Grand Slam tournaments[1] ATP Finals[2] Olympics[3] Masters 1000 Series[4]
1990 Lendl* Gómez* Edberg* Sampras* Agassi* Not Held Edberg* Agassi* Chesnokov* Aguilera* Muster* Chang* Edberg* Becker* Edberg*
1991 Becker* Courier* Stich* Edberg* Sampras* Not Held Courier* Courier* Bruguera* Nováček* Sánchez* Chesnokov* Forget* Becker* Forget*
1992 Courier Courier* Agassi* Edberg* Becker* Rosset* Chang Chang Muster Edberg Courier Agassi Sampras Ivanišević Becker
1993 Courier* Bruguera* Sampras* Sampras* Stich* Not Held Courier* Sampras* Bruguera* Stich* Courier* Pernfors* Chang* Stich* Ivanišević*
1994 Sampras* Bruguera* Sampras* Agassi* Sampras* Not Held Sampras* Sampras* Medvedev* Sampras* Medvedev* Agassi* Chang* Becker* Agassi*
1995 Agassi* Muster* Sampras* Sampras* Becker* Not Held Sampras* Agassi* Muster* Medvedev* Muster* Agassi* Agassi* Muster* Sampras*
1996 Becker* Kafelnikov* Krajicek* Sampras* Sampras* Agassi* Chang* Agassi* Muster* Carretero* Muster* Agassi* Ferreira* Becker* Enqvist*
1997 Sampras* Kuerten* Sampras* Rafter* Sampras* Not Held Chang* Muster* Ríos* Medvedev* Corretja* Woodruff* Sampras* Korda* Sampras*
1998 Korda* Moyá* Sampras* Rafter* Corretja* Not Held Ríos* Ríos* Moyá* Costa* Ríos* Rafter* Rafter* Krajicek* Rusedski*
1999 Kafelnikov* Agassi* Sampras* Agassi* Sampras* Not Held Philippoussis* Krajicek* Kuerten* Ríos* Kuerten* Johansson* Sampras* Enqvist* Agassi*
2000 Agassi* Kuerten* Sampras* Safin* Kuerten* Kafelnikov* Corretja* Sampras* Pioline* Norman* Kuerten* Safin* Enqvist* Ferreira* Safin*
2001 Agassi* Kuerten* Ivanišević* Hewitt* Hewitt* Not Held Agassi* Agassi* Kuerten* Ferrero* Portas* Pavel* Kuerten* Haas* Grosjean*
2002 Johansson* Costa* Hewitt* Sampras* Hewitt* Not Held Hewitt* Agassi* Ferrero* Agassi* Federer* Cañas* Moyá* Agassi* Safin*
2003 Agassi* Ferrero* Federer* Roddick* Federer* Not Held Hewitt* Agassi* Ferrero* Mantilla* Coria* Roddick* Roddick* Ferrero* Henman*
2004 Federer* Gaudio* Federer* Federer* Federer* Massú* Federer* Roddick* Coria* Moyá* Federer* Federer* Agassi* Safin* Safin*
2005 Safin* Nadal* Federer* Federer* Nalbandian* Not Held Federer* Federer* Nadal* Nadal* Federer* Nadal* Federer* Nadal* Berdych*
2006 Federer* Nadal* Federer* Federer* Federer* Not Held Federer* Federer* Nadal* Nadal* Robredo* Federer* Roddick* Federer* Davydenko*
2007 Federer* Nadal* Federer* Federer* Federer* Not Held Nadal* Djoković* Nadal* Nadal* Federer* Djoković* Federer* Nalbandian* Nalbandian*
2008 Djoković* Nadal* Nadal* Federer* Djoković* Nadal* Djoković* Davydenko* Nadal* Djoković* Nadal* Nadal* Murray* Murray* Tsonga*
2009 Nadal* Federer* Federer* Del Potro* Davydenko* Not Held Nadal* Murray* Nadal* Nadal* Federer* Murray* Federer* Davydenko* Djoković*
2010 Federer* Nadal* Nadal* Nadal* Federer* Not Held Ljubicic* Roddick* Nadal* Nadal* Nadal* Murray* Federer* Murray* Söderling*
2011 Djoković* Nadal* Djoković* Djoković* Federer* Not Held Djoković* Djoković* Nadal* Djoković* Djoković* Djoković* Murray* Murray* Federer*
2012 Djoković* Nadal* Federer* Murray* Djoković* Murray* Federer* Djoković* Nadal* Nadal* Federer* Djoković* Federer* Djoković* Ferrer*
2013 Djoković* Nadal* Murray* Nadal* Djoković* Not Held Nadal* Murray* Djoković* Nadal* Nadal* Nadal* Nadal* Djoković* Djoković*
2014 Wawrinka* Nadal* Djoković* Čilić* Djoković* Not Held Djoković* Djoković* Wawrinka* Djoković* Nadal* Tsonga* Federer* Federer* Djoković*

^ IW = Indian Wells, MI = Miami, MC = Monte Carlo, RO = Rome, MA/HA = Madrid/Hamburg, CA = Canada, CI = Cincinnati, SH/MA = Shanghai/Madrid (Stockholm, Essen, Stuttgart), PA = Paris, OG = Olympic Gold

^ The 5th Masters Series tournament was played in Hamburg through 2008 but moved to its current location in Madrid in 2009. The 8th Masters Series tournament has had a very turbulent history. It was played in Stockholm from 1990 to 1994, Essen in 1995, Stuttgart in 1996 to 2001, and Madrid from 2002 to 2008 before moving to its current location in Shanghai in 2009.

The Masters Series tournaments are listed in chronological order, except that Rome and Madrid/Hamburg were held in reversed order during 1990–1995 and 2011–ongoing.

Title Leaders[edit]

  • The top 10 leaders since 1990 in these events are:
Rank Player Total Titles Grand Slam ATP Finals Olympics Masters 1000
1. Switzerland Roger Federer 46 17 6 0 23
2. Spain Rafael Nadal 42 14 0 1 27
3. Serbia Novak Djoković 31 7 4 0 20
4. United States Pete Sampras 30 14 5 0 11
5. United States Andre Agassi 27 8 1 1 17
6. Germany Boris Becker 13 6 2 0 5
7. United Kingdom Andy Murray 12 2 0 1 9
8. Sweden Stefan Edberg 10 6 0 0 4
9 United States Jim Courier 9 4 0 0 5
=. Austria Thomas Muster 9 1 0 0 8
=. Brazil Gustavo Kuerten 9 3 1 0 5
10. United States Michael Chang 8 1 0 0 7
=. Russia Marat Safin 7 2 0 0 5
11. Australia Lleyton Hewitt 6 2 2 0 2
=. United States Andy Roddick 6 1 0 0 5
12. Spain Juan Carlos Ferrero 5 1 0 0 4
=. Chile Marcelo Rios 5 0 0 0 5

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