List of Acts of the Parliament of Ireland

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English, Scottish, Irish

and Great Britain

Acts of Parliament by states preceding the United Kingdom
Royal statutes, etc. issued before the development of Parliament

This is an incomplete list of Acts of the Parliament of Ireland.

The numbers after the titles of the Acts are the chapter numbers. Acts are referenced using 'Year of reign', 'Monarch', c., 'Chapter number' — e.g. 16 Charles 2 c. 2 — to define a chapter of the appropriate statute book.

Many of these Acts are still, at least nominally, in force, both in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. As these two countries are legally separate, any parliament to or repeal of a law in one jurisdiction will have no effect on that law in the other. The Oireachtas can perform this function for the Republic, whilst Westminster and the Northern Ireland Assembly do the same for legislation relating to Northern Ireland.

Indeed, in the Republic, many of these laws are expected to be repealed by the 'The Pre-Independence Project'. However, some specific Acts are still used on a day-to-day basis and will not be repealed in the immediate term, e.g. Statute of Frauds 1695.

Short titles were not used during the life of the Parliament of Ireland. Individual Acts are identified below using either a description, the Act's long title, or by the short title given to the Act by subsequent legislation of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (to 1922) or either the Parliament of Northern Ireland or the Oireachtas. Note that the short titles enacted by the latter two are legally valid only within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland respectively.