List of Acts of the Parliament of Ireland to 1700

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English, Scottish, Irish

and Great Britain

Acts of Parliament by states preceding the United Kingdom
Royal statutes, etc. issued before the development of Parliament
Before 1701 · 1701–1800

This is an incomplete list of Acts of the Parliament of Ireland for the years up until 1700. See also the List of Acts of the Parliament of Ireland, 1701–1800.

The number shown by each Act's title is its chapter number. Acts are cited using this number, preceded by the year(s) of the reign during which the relevant parliamentary session was held; thus the Act concerning assay passed in 1783 is cited as "23 & 24 Geo. 3 c. 23", meaning the 23rd Act passed during the session that started in the 23rd year of the reign of George III and which finished in the 24th year of that reign. Note that the modern convention is to use Arabic numerals in citations (thus "40 Geo. 3" rather than "40 Geo. III"). Acts of the reign of Elizabeth I are formally cited without a regnal numeral in the Republic of Ireland.

Acts passed by the Parliament of Ireland did not have a short title; however, some of these Acts have subsequently been given a short title by Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, Acts of the Parliament of Northern Ireland, or Acts of the Oireachtas. This means that some Acts have different short titles in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland respectively.

A number of the Acts included in this list are still in force in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. Because these two jurisdictions are entirely separate, the version of an Act in force in one may differ from the version in force in the other; similarly, an Act may have been repealed in one but not in the other.

A number of Acts passed by the Parliament of England also extended to Ireland during this period.

13th century[edit]

1 Hen. 3 (1216)[edit]

11 Hen. 3 (1226)[edit]

20 Hen. 3 (1236)[edit]

21 Hen. 3 (1237)[edit]

  • Concerning those born before wedlock

22 Hen. 3 (1238)[edit]

  • Inheritance of bastard

12 Edw. 1 (1284)[edit]

13 Edw. 1 (1285)[edit]

20 Edw. 1 (1292)[edit]

21 Edw. 1 (1293)[edit]

28 Edw. 1 (1300)[edit]

  • Custom of Ireland as to goods of testator
  • Export of silver

14th century[edit]

1 Edw. 2 (1307)[edit]

13 Edw. 2 (1320)[edit]

  • Confirmation of observance in Ireland of Statutes of Merton, Marlborough, Westminster the First, Westminster the Second, Gloucester

17 Edw. 2 (1324)[edit]

29 Edw. 3 (1355)[edit]

  • Forestallers of Fish

31 Edw. 3 (1357)[edit]

  • State of the Land of Ireland

40 Edw. 3 (1366)[edit]

13 Ric. 2 (1389)[edit]

  • Prohibition of sale of falcons, hawks, etc.

15 Ric. 2 (1391)[edit]

  • Observance in Ireland of Statutes of England

15th century[edit]

3 Hen. 4 (1402)[edit]

  • Forcible Entry

11 Hen. 4 (1410)[edit]

7 Hen. 6 (1428)[edit]

16 Hen. 6 (1437)[edit]

33 Hen. 6[edit]

  • c. 9 Ships guarding the sea between Ireland and England to have certain tolls

37 Hen. 6 (1459)[edit]

  • c. 1 Warrants and Patents

38 Hen. 6[edit]

  • c. 14 Foreign enemies spoil and slay merchants, &c., on sea

3 Edw. 4 (1463)[edit]

5 Edw. 4 (1465)[edit]

7 Edw. 4 (1467)[edit]

  • c. 2 An Act that none shall purchase Benefices from Rome

7 & 8 Edw. 4 (1467)[edit]

10 Edw. 4 (1470)[edit]

11 & 12 Edw. 4 (1471)[edit]

15 & 16 Edw. 4 (1475)[edit]

16 & 17 Edw. 4 (1476)[edit]

18 Edw. 4 (1478)[edit]

18 Edw. 4 Sess. 1 (1478)[edit]

21 Edw. 4 (1481)[edit]

21 & 22 Edw. 4 (1481)[edit]

1 & 2 Hen. 7 (1486)[edit]

9 Hen. 7 (1493)[edit]

10 Hen. 7 (1495)[edit]

16th century[edit]

8 & 9 Hen. 8[edit]

  • c. 9 Foreigners fishing off coast to land one-third of the catch in Ireland

28 Hen. 8 (1537)[edit]

28 & 29 Hen. 8[edit]

33 Hen. 8 (1542)[edit]

33 Hen. 8 Sess. 2 (1542)[edit]

  • c. 3 An Act touching Mispleading and Jeoyfailes

34 Hen. 8 (1543)[edit]

3 & 4 Phil. & Mar. (1556)[edit]

  • c. 2 Settlement of Laois and Offaly
  • c. 11 Treason Act
  • c. 14 Regal Power of Queen

2 Eliz. 1 (1560)[edit]

  • c. 1 An Act restoring to the Crown, the auncient Jurisdiction over the State Ecclesiasticall and Spirituall, and abolishing all forreine Power repugnant to the same (still in force in UK)
  • c. 2 An Act for the Uniformitie of Common Prayer and Service in the Church and the Administration of the Sacraments
  • c. 6 An Act whereby certaine Offences be made Treasons

12 Eliz. 1 (1570)[edit]

  • c. 1 An Act for the Erection of Free Schooles
  • c. 2 An Act that Exemplifications shall be of the same Effect and Strength as the Record or Matter exemplified should be

28 Eliz. 1 (1586)[edit]

17th century[edit]


11, 12 & 13 Jas. 1 (1613-15)[edit]

  • c. 2 Piracy Act 1613
  • c. 8 An Act for the avoyding of privie and secret outlawries of His Majestie's subjects in personal actions


10 Chas. 1 (1634)[edit]

  • c. 3 An Act for confirming of letters patent hereafter to be past upon his Majesties commission of grace for the remedy of defective titles
  • c. 5 Recovery of rents by executors

10 Chas. 1 Sess. 2 (1634)[edit]

  • c. 1 Statute of Uses 1634
  • c. 3 Conveyancing Act 1634
  • c. 4 An Act concerning grantees of reversions, to take advantage of breaches of conditions &c.
  • c. 6 Trespass Act 1634
  • c. 14 An Act for the continuance of actions after the death of any King
  • c. 17 An Act that where the plaintiffe is non-suited, the defendant shall recover costs

10 Chas. 1 Sess. 3 (1634)[edit]

10 & 11 Chas. 1 (1634-35)[edit]

  • c. 3 Ecclesiastical Lands Act 1634
  • c. 8 An Act to give costs to the defendant, upon a nonsuite of the plaintiffe, or verdict against him
  • c. 10 An Act to prevent and punish the abuses in procuring processe and supersedeas of the peace and good behaviour out of his Majesties courts of Chancery and Kings Bench and to prevent abuses in procuring writs of certiorari, &c.
  • c. 11 Common Informers Act 1634
  • c. 12 Re privilege of Parliament
  • c. 35 Cruelty to horses and sheep

15 Chas. 1 Sess. 2 (1639)[edit]

  • c. 3 Forfeiture Act 1639 (still in force in UK)
  • c. 6 An Act for strengthening of letters patent past and to be past, upon any of his Majesties commissions of grace for the remedy of defective titles, etc.


14 & 15 Chas. 2 (1662)[edit]

  • c. 3 Hostlers and innkeepers

14 & 15 Chas. 2 Sess. 4 (1662)[edit]

  • c. 2 Re plantation
  • c. 10 An Act for real union and division of parishes, and concerning churches, free-schools and exchanges
  • c. 19 Tenures Abolition Act 1662
  • c. 21 An Act for increasing the fee of the seal due to the lord chancellor of Ireland

17 & 18 Chas. 2 (1665)[edit]

  • c. 2 Re plantation
  • c. 6 An Act for the Uniformity of Publique Prayers and Administration of Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies; and for establishing the Forme of making, ordaining, and consecrating Bishops, Priests and Deacons, in the Church of Ireland
  • c. 11 An Act to prevent Delays in extending Statutes, Judgements and Recognizances
  • c. 20 An Act for the trial by Nisi Prius of Issues laid in the City of Dublin and County of Dublin
  • c. 21 St. Patrick's Cathedral Act 1665


4 Will. & Mar. (1692)[edit]

7 Will. 3 (1695)[edit]

9 Will. 3 (1697)[edit]

  • c. 1 An Act for banishing all Papists exercising any Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, and all Regulars of the Popish Clergy out of this Kingdom - known as the "Banishment Act"
  • c. 2 An Act for the Confirmation of Articles made at the Surrender of the City of Limerick
  • c. 3 An Act to prevent Protestants inter-marrying with Papists
  • c. 5 An Act to hinder the Reversal of several Outlawries and Attainders, and to prevent the Return of Subjects of this Kingdom who have gone into the Dominions of the French King in Europe
  • c. 8 An Act for granting a supply to his Majesty, by raising money by a poll
  • c. 9 An Act to Supply the Defects, and for better Execution of an Act passed this present Session of Parliament, entituled, An act for the better suppressing Tories and Rapparees; and for preventing Robberies, Burglaries, and other heinous Crimes
  • c. 10 Costs and prevention of frivolous suits
  • c. 11 Clandestine Mortgages Act 1697
  • c. 13 Transferring suits from inferior Courts
  • c. 16 St. Michan's Parish Act 1697

10 Will. 3 (1698)[edit]

  • c. 6 Glebe Act 1698
  • c. 7 Confirming estates under Acts of Settlement
  • c. 8 Deer Protection Act 1698
  • c. 10 An Act for traversing Inquisitions
  • c. 13 An Act to prevent Papists being Solicitors
  • c. 14 Arbitration

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