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This is a list of notable members of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity.


U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents[edit]

Ronald Reagan was initiated as an honorary member in 1963 by the Alpha Zeta chapter at USC. This preceded his entrance into elected office.
Richard Nixon was initiated as an honorary member in 1960 by the Beta Omicron chapter at Wayne State University. He was U.S. Vice President at that time.

U.S. Senators and Representatives[edit]

Thomas Eagleton was initiated as an honorary member at the Upsilon Chapter on December 15, 1967.
Barry Goldwater, a five-term Republican U.S. Senator from Arizona was initiated by the Beta Mu chapter at GWU. He was the Republican Party's nominee for the 1964 U.S. Presidential Election.

U.S. Secretaries, chairs, and advisors[edit]

Federal judges[edit]

State Governors[edit]

State legislators and civic leaders[edit]

State judges[edit]


Business and Industry Leaders[edit]






Finance and Insurance

Construction and Raw Materials

Food and Beverage


Telecommunications and Utilities

Science, Education and Culture[edit]


Foundations and Religion

Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. was initiated as a student at the Gamma Sigma chapter at Regis University. He has served as president of the Heritage Foundation since 1977.


Samuel C. Phillips was made an honorary member in November 1966 at Upsilon Chapter. Phillips was initiated along with William C. Schneider and Robert H. Charles during the National Conference of the Management of Aerospace Programs, which was held at the University of Missouri.
F. Story Musgrave was initiated at the Alpha Omicron chapter at Syracuse University. Musgrave is the only astronaut to have flown missions on all five Space Shuttles.

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