List of Alpha Sigma Phi chapters, colonies, and interest groups

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This is a list of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity chapters and colonies in order of their chartering (as of August 28, 2014).

School Chapter Chartered Status
Yale University Alpha 1845/1907/2000 Inactive
Harvard University Beta 1850/1911 Inactive
University of Massachusetts Amherst Gamma 1854/1955/1996/2013 Active
Marietta College Delta 1860/2013 Active
Ohio Wesleyan University Epsilon 1863/1913/1993 Active
The Ohio State University Zeta 1908 Active
University of Illinois Eta 1908/1982 Active
University of Michigan Theta 1908/1997 Active
Cornell University Iota 1909 Active
University of Wisconsin Kappa 1909/2015 Active
Columbia University Lambda 1910 Inactive
University of Washington Mu 1912 Active
University of California, Berkeley Nu 1913/1982 Active
University of Nebraska Xi 1913 Inactive
University of Pennsylvania Omicron 1914/2014 Active
University of Colorado Pi 1915/2013 Active
University of Minnesota Rho 1916 Colony
University of Kentucky Sigma 1917 Inactive
Stanford University Tau 1917 Inactive
Pennsylvania State University Upsilon 1918/2006/2015 Active
Iowa State University Phi 1920/1954/1997 Active
University of Chicago Chi 1920 Inactive
Oregon State University Psi 1920/2012 Active
University of Oklahoma Alpha Alpha 1923/1997 Inactive
University of Iowa Alpha Beta 1924 Colony
Carnegie-Mellon University Alpha Gamma 1925 Active
Middlebury College Alpha Delta 1926 Inactive
Syracuse University Alpha Epsilon 1925 Inactive
UCLA Alpha Zeta 1926/1984 Inactive
Dartmouth College Alpha Eta 1925 Inactive
University of Missouri Alpha Theta 1929/1980 Inactive
University of Alabama Alpha Iota 1930/2011 Active
West Virginia University Alpha Kappa 1931/1947/2015 Active
Case Western Reserve University Alpha Lambda 1939 Inactive
Baldwin Wallace University Alpha Mu 1939/1988/2010 Active
Westminster College Alpha Nu 1939 Active
Illinois Institute of Technology Alpha Xi 1939 Active
Missouri Valley College Alpha Omicron 1945 Active
Purdue University Alpha Pi 1939 Active
New Jersey Institute of Technology Alpha Rho 1921/1982 Active
Wagner College Alpha Sigma 1926 Inactive
Stevens Institute of Technology Alpha Tau 1926 Active
Polytechnic Institute of New York Alpha Upsilon 1926 Inactive
Ellsworth College Alpha Phi 1927 Inactive
Coe College Alpha Chi 1928/1955 Inactive
Presbyterian College Alpha Psi 1928 Active
Mount Union College Beta Alpha 1929 Inactive
MIT Beta Beta 1929 Inactive
Bethany College Beta Gamma 1929 Active
Marshall University Beta Delta 1929/1980 Active
Lehigh University Beta Epsilon 1930 Inactive
NC State University Beta Zeta 1930/1978/2006 Inactive
University of New Hampshire Beta Eta 1931/2010 Inactive
Rutgers University Beta Theta 1931/2006 Active
Tufts University Beta Iota 1931/1946/1973/1988 Inactive
Centre College Beta Kappa 1932 Inactive
St. John's College Beta Lambda 1932 Inactive
Wake Forest University Beta Mu 1932 Active
West Virginia Wesleyan Beta Nu 1933/1998 Active
Hartwick College Beta Xi 1935 Active
Trine University Beta Omicron 1935 Active
Franklin & Marshall College Beta Pi 1936/1993 Inactive
University of Toledo Beta Rho 1937/2006 Active
University of Cincinnati Beta Sigma 1937/2013 Active
Wayne State University Beta Tau 1938/2010 Active
Milton College Beta Upsilon 1940 Inactive
Wofford College Beta Phi 1940 Inactive
American University Beta Chi 1940 Active
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Beta Psi 1940 Active
Ohio Northern University Gamma Alpha 1942 Inactive
Carthage College Gamma Beta 1942 Inactive
University of Connecticut Gamma Gamma 1943 Inactive
Davis & Elkins College Gamma Delta 1949 Colony
SUNY Buffalo Gamma Epsilon 1950/2003 Inactive
Bowling Green State University Gamma Zeta 1950/1965 Active
Washington University Gamma Eta 1951 Inactive
University of Miami Gamma Theta 1952 Active
University of Arizona Gamma Iota 1955/2012 Active
Michigan State University Gamma Kappa 1956/1997/2012/2015 Active
Barton College Gamma Lambda 1958 Active
University of Charleston Gamma Mu 1960 Inactive
California State University, Sacramento Gamma Nu 1961 Inactive
Widener University Gamma Xi 1962 Inactive
Tulane University Gamma Omicron 1964/1980 Inactive
University of Findlay Gamma Pi 1964/1992 Inactive
Lycoming College Gamma Rho 1951 Inactive
Detroit Institute of Technology Gamma Sigma 1930/1966 Inactive
Indiana Institute of Technology Gamma Tau 1932 Inactive
Eastern Michigan University Gamma Upsilon 1948 Colony
Concord University Gamma Phi 1966 Inactive
Indiana University Gamma Chi 1968/2002 Active
Lawrence Tech Gamma Psi 1967/2004 Active
Loyola University of Chicago Delta Alpha 1968 Inactive
Northern Michigan University Delta Beta 1969/2006 Active
Tarkio College Delta Gamma 1970 Inactive
Slippery Rock Delta Delta 1970 Active
University of Bridgeport Theta Sigma 1970 Inactive
University of Rio Grande Delta Epsilon 1972 Active
UNC-Charlotte Delta Zeta 1979 Active
East Carolina University Delta Eta 1979/2013 Active
Radford University Delta Theta 1980 Colony
Longwood University Delta Iota 1980 Active
Francis Marion University Delta Kappa 1982 Inactive
Richard Stockton Delta Lambda 1984 Inactive
William Paterson Delta Mu 1986 Inactive
Lock Haven Delta Nu 1987 Active
SUNY Plattsburgh Delta Xi 1988/2009 Active
Illinois State Delta Omicron 1988/2013 Active
University of Delaware Delta Pi 1991/2014 Active
Central Michigan University Delta Rho 1993/2004 Active
Coastal Carolina University Delta Sigma 1992 Inactive
Murray State University Delta Tau 1994 Active
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Delta Upsilon 1995 Active
Grand Valley State University Delta Phi 1996 Active
Elmhurst College Delta Chi 1996 Active
Middle Tennessee State University Delta Psi 1997 Inactive
Duquesne University Epsilon Alpha 1971 Inactive
Lindenwood University Epsilon Beta 1997 Inactive
University of Southern Indiana Epsilon Gamma 1998 Inactive
University of Maryland Epsilon Delta 1998 Active
Bloomsburg University Epsilon Epsilon 1999 Inactive
Penn State Altoona Epsilon Zeta 1999 Inactive
Salisbury University Epsilon Eta 1999 Active
Otterbein University Epsilon Theta 2001 Active
Western Michigan University Epsilon Iota 2001 Colony
Albright College Epsilon Kappa 2002 Active
University of Hartford Epsilon Lambda 2002 Active
Bentley University Epsilon Mu 2002 Active
Binghamton University Epsilon Nu 2003 Active
McDaniel College Epsilon Xi 2003 Active
Missouri Western State University Epsilon Omicron 2004 Inactive
Miami University Epsilon Pi 2005 Active
Appalachian State University Epsilon Rho 2006 Active
University of Akron Epsilon Sigma 2007 Active
University of Virginia's College at Wise Epsilon Tau 2008 Inactive
Clemson University Epsilon Upsilon 2008 Active
Sonoma State University Epsilon Phi 2010 Active
Capital University Epsilon Chi 2010 Active
California State University, Chico Epsilon Psi 2010 Active
Seton Hall University Zeta Alpha 2011 Active
Arizona State University Zeta Beta 2011 Active
University of California, Davis Zeta Gamma 2011 Active
Georgia Regents University Zeta Delta 2011 Active
Colorado State University Zeta Epsilon 2012 Active
Northwood University Zeta Zeta 2012 Active
Georgia Tech Zeta Eta 2012 Active
University of North Carolina, Asheville Zeta Theta 2012 Active
SUNY Albany Zeta Iota 2013 Active
University of Wisconsin–Whitewater Zeta Kappa 2013 Active
San Francisco State University Zeta Lambda 2013 Active
California State University, Fresno Zeta Mu 2013 Active
Montclair State University Zeta Nu 2013 Inactive
Keene State College Zeta Xi 2013 Active
University of South Florida Zeta Omicron 2014 Active
Salem State University Zeta Pi 2014 Active
George Mason University Zeta Rho 2014 Active
Indiana University South Bend Zeta Sigma 2014 Active
James Madison University Zeta Tau 2014 Active
University of Virginia Zeta Upsilon 2014 Active
Cameron University Eta Rho 2015 Active
North Carolina Wesleyan College Colony
University of Michigan at Flint Zeta Phi Colony
Georgia Southern University Eta Mu Colony
SUNY Oneonta Zeta Chi Colony
Auburn University Zeta Psi Colony
Oklahoma State University Eta Alpha Colony
San Jose State University Eta Beta Colony
Southern Illinois University Eta Gamma Colony
Texas Tech University Eta Delta Inactive
University of California, Irvine Eta Epsilon Colony
University of Texas Eta Eta Colony
University of Central Arkansas Eta Zeta Colony
University of Texas at San Antonio Eta Theta Colony
Western Carolina University Eta Iota Colony
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eta Kappa 2015 Active
Oakland University Eta Lambda 2015 Active
Stephen F. Austin University Eta Pi Interest Group
Towson University Eta Omicron Colony
McGill University Eta Nu Colony
University of Colorado Colorado Springs Eta Xi Colony
Kent State University Eta Sigma Colony
University of North Carolina-Pembroke Eta Upsilon Colony
Northern Kentucky University Eta Phi Colony
Morehead State University Eta Chi Colony
Wright State University Eta Psi Colony
University of Stirling Theta Alpha Colony