List of Ambassadors of Australia to the Holy See

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The Australian Ambassador to the Holy See was first appointed in 1973.[1] It has been attached to the office of the Ambassador to the Netherlands, Denmark, Turkey, Ireland, Malta, Sweden and Switzerland, before Tim Fischer was appointed as the first permanent resident ambassador to the Holy See in 2008.[1] In 1986, Sir Peter Lawler had been appointed resident ambassador for four months prior to Pope John Paul II's visit to Australia.[2]

Ambassador Start of Term End of Term Notes
Lloyd Thomson 1973 1974 Ambassador to the Netherlands and Denmark.[3]
John McMillan 1974 1978 Ambassador to Turkey and later High Commissioner to Malta.[4]
John Mitchell Kirtley 1978 1979 Chargé d'affaires
Brian Clarence Hill 1979 1980
Lloyd Thomson 1980 1983 Second appointment.[5]
Sir Peter Lawler 1983 1986 Ambassador to Ireland. Resident ambassador for four months prior to Pope John Paul II's visit to Australia.[2]
Christopher Stephen Knott 1986 1987 Chargé d'affaires
Francis Milne[6] 1987 1988
Brian Burke 1988 1991 Ambassador to Ireland. Recalled in 1991 to face a royal commission and was eventually jailed.[7]
Terence McCarthy[8] 1991 1993
Michael Tate 1993 1996 Ambassador to the Netherlands
Edward Stevens 1996 1998 Ambassador to Ireland[9]
Bob Halverson 1998 2003 Ambassador to Ireland
John Herron 2003 2006 Ambassador to Ireland
Anne Plunkett 2006 2008 Ambassador to Ireland
Tim Fischer 2008 2012 First permanent resident ambassador[1]
John McCarthy 2012 - Second permanent resident ambassador[1]

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