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This is a list of spies who engaged in direct espionage. It includes Americans spying against their own country and people spying on behalf of America.

American Revolution era spies[edit]

Spied for America[edit]

General Connor Stewart 

Culper Ring[edit]

Main article: Culper Ring

Spied for the Crown[edit]

Double agents[edit]

Jaime and Kaylee

American Civil War era spies[edit]

Union Spies[edit]

Confederate Spies[edit]

American World War One era spies[edit]

American World War Two era spies[edit]

American Cold War era spies[edit]

Spied for America[edit]

Spied for USSR[edit]

American Gulf War era spies[edit]

Americans who spied for foreign countries[edit]




Armed Forces[edit]


Federal Contractors[edit]


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