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This is an alphabetical list of Anglican and Episcopalian diocesan Bishops and metropolitan and/or primatial Archbishops, with links to articles about their dioceses or provinces where possible.

As of 2012 the official Anglican Communion (as recognised by the Anglican Consultative Council) consists of 759 dioceses and 18 additional Ordinary jurisdictions (see list below) giving a total of 777 bishops; there are 63 archbishops (or equivalents, such as 'Presiding Bishop'), of whom 38 have the status of 'primate', and membership of the Primates' Meeting. There are, additionally, many suffragan or assistant bishops, as well as bishops of non-Anglican churches that are also in full communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury through arrangements such as the Porvoo Communion. There is also an unknown number of bishops self-styling as 'Anglican' in assorted Continuing Anglican movement churches, although these are not officially recognised as part of the Anglican Communion.


Primatial archbishops shown at first level, and additional metropolitan archbishops (of the same national or regional church) at second level (indented). The most common title for Primates and Metropolitans is 'Archbishop', but some of those listed, whilst carrying out a similar function, bear an alternative title (such as Presiding Bishop, or Bishop Primus) for historical reasons.


This is a list of Anglican Diocesan Bishops only. It does not include suffragan bishops, area bishops, coadjutor bishops, assistant bishops, or bishops of ordinariates.





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Other Ordinary jurisdictions[edit]

A list of bishops holding actual Ordinary jurisdiction, or delegated Ordinary jurisdiction, but not having a diocese.

Military Ordinariates[edit]

  • Bishop Ordinary of the Anglican Military Ordinariate (Canada)[3]
  • Bishop of the Episcopate of the Armed Forces (Kenya)
  • Bishop to the Forces (United Kingdom) (Delegated jurisdiction from the Archbishop of Canterbury.)
  • Bishop for Federal Ministries (USA) (Delegated jurisdiction for federal military, medical, and prisons personnel, chaplains, and communities)

Ethnic Ordinariates[edit]

  • Bishop of the National Ordinariate for Indigenous Peoples (Canada)[4]
  • Bishop of the Navajoland Area Mission (Navajo Nation, USA)
  • Bishop of the Manawa O Te Wheke (New Zealand) (A personal prelature in central North Island, for clergy and laity of Maori ethnicity)
  • Bishop of the Tai Tokerau (New Zealand) (A personal prelature in the northern region, for clergy and laity of Maori ethnicity)
  • Bishop of the Tairāwhiti (New Zealand) (A personal prelature in the east coast region, for clergy and laity of Maori ethnicity)
  • Bishop of the Upoko O Te Ika (New Zealand) (A personal prelature in and around Wellington, for clergy and laity of Maori ethnicity)
  • Bishop of the Waipounamu (New Zealand) (A personal prelature in the South Island, for clergy and laity of Maori ethnicity)

Other Ordinariates[edit]

  • Bishop in Canterbury (delegated Ordinary authority within the Diocese of Canterbury, during the absence of the Archbishop of Canterbury) (Post held conjointly with that of Bishop of Dover).
  • Bishop of Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior (Canada)[5]
  • Bishop of the Convocation of American Churches in Europe[6]
  • Bishop of the Missionary District of Oeste-Brasil (Brazil)[7]
  • Bishop for the Falkland Islands (Falkland Islands) (Delegated jurisdiction from the Bishop of the Falkland Islands, who is (ex officio) the Archbishop of Canterbury.)

Additionally there are two bishops who hold primatial appointments without being also a diocesan bishop. Both of these hold a measure of Ordinary jurisdiction, but are already shown in the list of 'Archbishops' (above).

  • Archbishop Primate of Canada (holds Ordinary and Primatial authority)
  • Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, USA (holds Ordinary, Metropolitical, and Primatial authority)


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