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Angry Boys is an Australian television mockumentary series written by and starring Chris Lilley. Continuing the mockumentary style of his previous series, the show examines being a male in the 21st century. In Angry Boys, Lilley plays multiple characters: S.mouse, a black American rapper; Jen, a manipulative Japanese mother; Blake Oakfield, a champion surfer; Ruth "Gran" Sims, a guard at a juvenile detention facility; and her grandchildren, twins Daniel and Nathan Sims. The series premiered on 11 May 2011 at 9:00 pm on ABC1.[1]

A total of 12 episodes of Angry Boys were broadcast, ending on 27 July 2011.

Series overview[edit]

Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Premiere Finale
12 11 May 2011 27 July 2011 28 July 2011[2]

Episode list[edit]

# Episode title Written by Original air date Audience
1 "Episode 1" Chris Lilley 11 May 2011 (2011-05-11) 1,368,000[3]
Nathan and Daniel Sims are identical twin brothers who reside with their family in the small town of Dunt, South Australia. When Nathan and Daniel finish school, they intend to pursue their father's dream of running a successful farm. Nathan and Daniel introduce their "Wall of Legends", which consists of photos, upon their bedroom wall, of people who they consider to be "absolute legends". Significant people on the "Wall of Legends" include their father, Gran, S.mouse and Blake Oakfield. Nathan's "Wall of Legends" is primarily made up of female models. To Nathan and Daniel's displeasure, their mother's boyfriend, Steve, moves into their household. A phone call from a hearing specialist reveals that Nathan's hearing is worsening and he will soon become profoundly deaf. Gran, the grandmother of Nathan and Daniel, is an officer at the Garingal Juvenile Justice Centre. She describes herself as tough, yet a mother figure for the boys. She displays a lack of political correctness as she divides the inmates into two teams of "light skins" and "dark skins" for a soccer game. Gran also plays her favourite game with the boys called "gotcha", in which she tricks one of the boys into believing that he's about to be released. She also keeps the inmates entertained with "Friday Night Song Night", where she performs various songs. Gran lives in a house within the premises with fellow officer, Penny. Gran looks after 23 guinea pigs and her favourite is named Kerrie-Anne
2 "Episode 2" Chris Lilley 18 May 2011 (2011-05-18) 1,346,000[4]
American rap artist S.mouse has found himself under pressure from his record label over his self-penned YouTube released "Poo on You". The music video sees S.mouse defecating on a police car. He later makes an online apology to his fans and is put under house arrest at his parents' house for two months.

Nathan makes a tribute video to "Poo on You" and gets himself in trouble with the local Dunt police. His hearing condition is worsening and the authorities suggest that Nathan should be sent to a deaf school in Adelaide for a two-year course. Daniel is not dealing with it well and wants Nathan to stay.

Meanwhile new inmate, Talib, arrives at the Garingal Juvenile Justice Centre, and ends up being bullied by the other inmates who call him the "dog wanker".
3 "Episode 3" Chris Lilley 25 May 2011 (2011-05-25) 805,000[5]
Daniel organises "Nathan's Legendary Farewell Party" before he leaves for deaf school. Daniel plans to invite all of the legends from his "Wall of Legends" to the party, including S.mouse, Blake Oakfield and Emily Chase. Gran agrees to email their managers. Steve later tells Daniel that Chase has declined the invite.

Blake Oakfield, one of the legends on Daniel's "Wall of Legends", is a 38-year-old champion surfer from Narmucca Bay, New South Wales. He is a father of two with a pregnant wife, and he is dedicated to the surf gang he founded as a young man, the Mucca Mad Boys. Many of the locals within Narmucca Bay dislike Oakfield and his gang because they are known to cause trouble. After having his testicles shot and amputated as a result of a gang fight with the Fennel Hell Men, Oakfield felt his surfing career wasn't the same anymore and decided to quit. He claims that his current occupation is keeping Narmucca Bay safe from the Fennel Hell Men.

Meanwhile, S.mouse who is still under house arrest, receives a demo from his manager, Larry, and he expresses great dislike of the track. S.mouse decides to release a new single called "Grandmother Fucker", and he gets his best friend, Danthony, to upload the music video online. The video features an appearance by S.mouse's grandmother, which angers his father, Shwayne Senior. S.mouse later receives a phone call from his manager that he has been dropped from his record label due to the video receiving so many complaints.
4 "Episode 4" Chris Lilley 1 June 2011 (2011-06-01) 920,000[6]
After hearing that Chase won't be attending his "Legendary Farewell Party", Nathan decides he wants to invite skateboarding champion, Tim Okazaki, and gets Gran to send him an invite. Daniel is frustrated when he finds out Nathan has used up all the Internet download usage downloading pornography. He is also annoyed to find Nathan masturbating on the computer chair and during the night, and decides to come up with solution to stop Nathan from obsessive masturbating. He then decides that the best solution is to put plastic bottles on Nathan's hands.

Tim Okazaki is a Japanese teen boy, who has become the world's first gay skateboarder, and is known as a huge star in Japan. His mother, Jen Okazaki, is his manager and a mother of three. Jen moved with her family to America for a better life for her children. She realises that Tim's career can be better promoted from Tokyo if she markets him as not only as a cute Japanese boy, but also as a homosexual. However, Tim reveals he's actually American, speaks with a fake Japanese accent, and is not gay at all. Jen owns a successful empire called, "GayStyle Enterprises", in which she sells cock-shaped whistles, perfume dispensers, water bottles and scrubbing brushes.

Meanwhile, Blake's laid-back beach life-style is threatened by his wife demanding he pick up the groceries, and the Fennel Hell Men wanting to surf at 'Mucca Mad Boys' break.
5 "Episode 5" Chris Lilley 8 June 2011 (2011-06-08) 848,000[7]
S.mouse creates a home studio to work on his own music for his new album, The Real Me. The album will be released independently and is executively produced by his best friend, Danthony. S.mouse has decided he wants Barbadian singer Rihanna to feature on his new song, "Big Black Balls". His girlfriend, Lasquisha, reveals she wants to sing on the song instead. After refusing to let her sing on "Big Black Balls", S.mouse soon finds out that he has no choice but to let Lasquisha sing on the song or else she will sue him.

Meanwhile, the deaf school that Nathan will soon be attending, suggests he should spend a day with a deaf family. During the family's visit to their home, Nathan asks Daniel to meet him outside. Although Daniel cannot find Nathan, he soon appears to be standing near the water tank and urinates all over Daniel, who decides to get revenge. Later, Daniel tricks Nathan into drinking his Gatorade. Before Nathan drinks it, he realises its Daniel's urine and spills the drink all over Daniel's bed.

Jen trains Tim everyday to keep fit. During one of their training sessions, Jen uses one of her exercise techniques with Tim, which is to make him fart.
6 "Episode 6" Chris Lilley 15 June 2011 (2011-06-15) 569,000[8]
Blake and his mate, Hunter, decide to start up a surf school for fat boys. Blake sees it as a way to get the boys' confidence up. During one of their training sessions, Julian gets injured and is taken to the hospital. Blake later gets a call from the hospital that Julian will be ok.

Daniel and Nathan's mum and Steve go away for the long weekend and Daniel is left to babysit his brothers and sister. Daniel throws a party for all the teenagers in Dunt. During the party, Nathan's arm gets stuck in a drain pipe, leaving Daniel with no choice but to call his mum to come back home from their long weekend holiday. Steve cuts off the pipe with a saw. They later announce that during their holiday, they got engaged and are getting married.

Meanwhile, back at the Garingal Juvenile Justice Centre, the inmates are still bullying Talib for being a "dog wanker". Talib still hasn't spoken since he first arrived at the centre. Gran tries to get him to speak by letting him feed her guinea pigs and sing at the "Friday Night Song Night". However, Talib still doesn't speak. Every month, Gran gets a young boy visitor to the centre and shows him around the place. She likes to frighten the visitor by getting the inmates to dress up scary and pretend that they are slaves. However, the visitor sees Talib riding a scooter and realises that they are only pretending. Gran gets angry at Talib and tells him that he is an "idiot" and needs to "grow some balls". Gran gets in trouble from an officer at the centre and is forced to apologize to Talib. After apologizing, Talib begins to speak.
7 "Episode 7" Chris Lilley 22 June 2011 (2011-06-22) 634,000[9]
Jen is worried that Tim has been aggressive lately, his skating is not as good, he isn't concentrating on school work and is falling asleep most times. She takes Tim to the doctors to see whats wrong, and finds out that he is overworked and depressed. Jen tries to get him more relaxed and says she will take some of his responsibilities. She gets Tim a dog named "Gay Dog", the first ever gay dog. Jen wants Tim to become best friends with the dog and to teach it how to skate.

Meanwhile, S.mouse performs "Slap My Elbow" and a new song at a Preschool, although the children don't seem to care. Lasquisha tells S.mouse that they don't know him and he'll already be forgotten once his house arrest is over. S.mouse goes to the mall, even though he is not allowed to leave the house, to prove that he is still famous. However, no one cares that he is there and Lasquisha asks people if they know him, they say no. When they arrive home, a parole officer tightens the security on S.mouse's ankle monitor. If he walks out the gate, he will get electrocuted. S.mouse spends the afternoon writing a new song called "Whack My Knee" and Lasquisha comes up with a dance craze for the song.

Daniel's mum makes a threat to him that if he continues to use the word "fag", then he would have to spend the day with Henry Keddys, a homosexual teenager from Dunt. Daniel almost immediately says the word again and ends up spending the day with Henry. He doesn't seem too interested in hanging with Henry, but they become friends after Daniel learns that he is friends with a pair of attractive girls from Dunt. Nathan invites Daniel's mates over; thinking that Daniel would be embarrassed. However, after finding out that Henry is friends with the girls, they too accept him.
8 "Episode 8" Chris Lilley 29 June 2011 (2011-06-29) 591,000[10]
Gran organizes "Family Day", an event that occurs four times a year. The inmates get to invite their families to the event and tell them what it is like living in Juvenile Centre. Talib's mother doesn't turn up and Gran is seen to be forgetting things. Afterwards, Gran and Talib reveal their deep darkest secrets to each other, where Talib claims that his mother didn't turn up because she hates him and Gran reveals she has Alzheimer's disease.

Meanwhile, Blake's former Mucca Mad Boy member, Ashley, has just came out of prison and visits him. Ashley expresses a wish to punish Packo for causing Blake to loose his testicles. He borrows Blake's van so he can visit the people he knows. Blake is later arrested after its revealed Packo has been shot and is in intensive care. The police claim to have seen Blake's van drive away from the shooting, leaving them to suspect he was involved. However, Blake was at home with Kareena the whole night and Ashley was the one who actually committed the crime.

Daniel is jealous of Nathan's popularity with the girls. After three failed attempts at trying to score a date with Chloe Gary, who works at the local video store, Daniel pretends to be Nathan. He then calls Chloe claiming that he is Nathan and asks her out. Chloe tells him to meet her at the store. However, she knew it was Daniel all along and tells him to go away.
9 "Episode 9" Chris Lilley 6 July 2011 (2011-07-06) 391,000[11]
Tim is filming a commercial for Ooshi Cola (an endorsement Jen had tried to get for several months) but Jen insists on having a stunt double doing Tim's skateboard scene and having Tim shirtless and oiled. Frustrated, Tim storms out of the studio. Later, to Jen's anger, he reveals to his 500,000 fans on his website that he is straight and has a girlfriend, with whom he has been having a relationship with secretly for several months.

Blake is released from prison on bail and Ashley is reimprisoned, however, Blake still has a court date. Kareena eventually left Blake after arguments and went to Sydney, taking their children with them. Hunter moves in with Blake and he and the other Mucca Mad Boys attempt to cheer Blake up, who is upset at losing his family. Blake later reveals that, to try win Kareena back, he will enter the Billabong Legends of Surfing Tour he had previously declined to enter, and will also undergo the artificial balls transplant.

Nathan runs away from home after Daniel teases him about his school uniform for his deaf school. Daniel gets his mate, Black Daniel to help him look for Nathan, using Black Daniel's Aboriginal tracking ability, eventually heading to a lake where they assume Nathan drowned in. Upon returning home, they discover that Nathan was in fact hiding in a cupboard praying, not wanting to go to his deaf school after all. Nathan gets revenge on Daniel for his teasing by uploading photos of a naked baby Daniel to his Myspace profile.
10 "Episode 10" Chris Lilley 13 July 2011 (2011-07-13) 453,000[12]
Daniel is told that Gran has received RSVP's from both Blake Oakfield and Tim regarding their invitations to Nathan's "Legendary Farewell Party", but has yet to receive a response from S.mouse. After seeing a near-truck crash, Daniel and his mate Black Daniel make up a story about an Aborigine child named Wally being crushed by the truck and send an e-mail about it to S.mouse, hoping it will convince him to attend the party. Kerry and Steve are married in their home backyard, and Daniel and his mates, and Nathan provide the entertainment at the wedding.

S.mouse has a week of house arrest left, and spends it doing photo-shoots for his soon to be released independent album, The Real Me. During the photo-shoot, a paparazzi helicopter secretly takes photos of S.mouse shirtless and puts them online, claiming that he has become fat. S.mouse later finds out that Lasquisha has dumped him, not wanting to be associated with someone believed to be fat. Danthony and S.mouse later read the letter Daniel sent him.

Gran's prize guinea pig, Kerri-Anne, is found dead near the guinea pig hutches. Talib is believed to be the cause of her death by the other inmates, who bully him even more. He is finally pushed to his limit and beats up bully Marlon, forcing Gran to give him two days in the Isolation Unit. Gran mistakenly gives Talib and Justin, another inmate in the Isolation Unit, extra bedsheets, resulting in a suicide attempt by Justin. Worried that Talib will do the same thing, Gran removes him from the Isolation Unit early, and is informed by the head officer of Garingal that she may have to retire.
11 "Episode 11" Chris Lilley 20 July 2011 (2011-07-20) 465,000[13]
Gran is informed that she must retire from Garingal due to her Alzheimer's disease. After parting ways with Penny and Talib, she attends a surprise farewell party held for her by the inmates. Gran decides to move to Dunt to live with her family.

Nathan teaches his family some select sign language, while Daniel and his mates continue to prepare for Nathan's "Legendary Farewell Party". However, during a Skype talk with Gran, Daniel is informed about her disease, which made Gran forget to send the invitations to Blake and Tim about the party.

Since Tim announced he was not gay and in fact, has a girlfriend named Omeya, the 6 million dollar Ooshi Cola ad campaign was cancelled and GayStyle Enterprises has been low on sales, which is upsetting Jen. She later runs away from home, leaving a note saying she will kill herself and Gay Dog if Tim doesn't reclaim he is gay. Tim and Bruce later find Jen hiding at a hotel. Tim tells Jen that he plans to dump her as his manager, and will be replaced by Bruce.

S.mouse launches his new album, The Real Me, at a club in Los Angeles to a crowd who are less than pleased. Realising that he isn't really expressing the real him, S.mouse reads Daniel's letter again about an Aborigine child named Wally who was crushed by a truck. He writes a song about the incident called "Squashed Nigga", and decides to sing the song instead of rapping it.
12 "Episode 12" Chris Lilley 27 July 2011 (2011-07-27) 612,000[14]
S.mouse's house arrest is finally over and he can now move back home to his mansion. As he nervously awaits the reaction to his new single, "Squashed Nigga", S.mouse reveals that he's name is now Shwayne Jnr., and that there will be no more S.mouse. After hours of waiting to hear the single on the radio, S.mouse's father, Shwayne Snr., believes no one will play it, and tells S.mouse that he should get a real job instead. However, they later hear "Squashed Nigga" on the radio, and his father responds with happiness.

Blake attends the court case hearing with Packo, and its revealed that Ashley was sent back to prison after telling the truth about the shooting. Blake undergoes the artificial balls operation, and reopens the Fat Boys Surf School with the other Mucca Mad Boys members helping out. Kareena is also back and has already given birth to their third child, Tyrone. Blake has decided to surf again and wants to do the Billabong Legends of Surfing Tour. He believes that his artificial balls has made him confident again.

The Okazaki family have left Japan and have moved back to Santa Barbara, California. Tim is glad to back with his old friends, and is skating more than he did in Japan. He lives in his own house and is now managed by Bruce, while Jen and the rest of the family live in a separate house that Tim bought for her. Jen does not enjoy the suburban lifestyle and hates being a household mum; however, she has begun training her second son, Luke, to become the next golfing superstar.

Gran is now living with her family in Dunt, and Daniel is depressed that the legends won't be attending Nathan's farewell party. The day before Nathan leaves, Daniel takes him on a final tour of Dunt, which includes visiting the tree where their father died in a car crash. During the party, Daniel sends Nathan to get some lighters to burn the sign they had made for their intended plan to run the farm together. As Nathan is getting the lighters, Blake, S.mouse and Tim suddenly arrive at the Sims household, to the family's amazement.


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