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Jianghuai Refine II

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile (JAC) is a Chinese car and commercial truck-maker.


JAC Yueyue
  • A0 (HFC 7100W and HFC 7100WT)[1] (now called J2) AKA Yueyue supermini[2]
  • Tojoy sedan Tongyue (aka "J3 Turin")[3][4] (the production of the electric vehicle version has started).[5]
  • Tojoy hatchback Tongyue (aka "J3")[6]


  • Binjoy Bingyue C200/C20 sedan (HFC 7200)[7]
  • Binjoy Bingyue C240/C24 sedan (HFC 7240)[7]


  • Refine Ruifeng (HFC 6470/6500)[8] - restyled in 2004 (Refine Gold, Refine II)
  • B18 Heyue[citation needed]


  • Rein[9] (Ruiying)

Mini truck[edit]

Pick-up truck[edit]

Light truck[edit]

Special-purpose vehicles[edit]

Commercial vehicles[edit]

2012 JAC HFC 1132 Runner
2012 JAC HFC 4181 Cruiser
  • Half Height Roof Cab (tilt cab) (HFC 4131KR1/HFC 4183K3R1/HFC 4181KR1K3)[15]
  • Dump truck (tilt cab) (HFC 3251KR1/HFC 3251KR1)[16]
  • Concrete mixer (tilt cab) (HFC 5250GJBL/HFC 5255GJBLK3/HFC 5310GJBL)[17]
  • Large commercial flatbed truck (tilt cab) (HFC 1131KR1/HFC 1131KR1/HFC 1131KR1)[18]
  • HFC 1132 Runner - based on Scania AB R-series truck cab

Bus chassis[edit]


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