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Operators of the An-2 in red (former operators in dark red)

This is a list of current and former operators of the Antonov An-2:

Military operators[edit]


Afghan Air Force

Afghanistan received more than a dozen An-2 aircraft, with service beginning in 1957. A few remain available.[citation needed]


Albanian Air Force

Albania received 13 aircraft including some of Chinese manufacture (Y-5). Albanian An-2s were operated from 1963. Up to four may remain active, with the remainder in storage.[citation needed]


People's Air and Air Defence Force of Angola


Armenian Air Force


Azerbaijan Air Force



Bulgarian Air Force

24th airbase - 1 An-2-bord 027


Khmer National Air Force
Cambodian Air Force

 People's Republic of China[edit]

People's Liberation Army Air Force
People's Liberation Army Navy Air Force


Croatian Air Force
  • 27 Eskadrila Transportnih Zrakoplova

Croatian air force operated 7 An-2DT aircraft until 2004 when the last 4 were handed over to aeroclubs.


Cuban Air Force
  • 15. Regimiento de Transporte
  • 25. Regimiento de Transporte
  • 35. Regimiento de Transporte

All An-2 aircraft of the FAR (Fuerza Aérea Revolucionaria) are retired.
One example is displayed at the Museo del Aire (Cuba)[1]


Czechoslovakian Air Force

Phased out from military service before dissolution of state.

 East Germany[edit]

Air Forces of the National People's Army

East German An-2s were passed on to Germany upon unification.


Egyptian Air Force


Estonian Air Force


Georgian Air Force



Germany adopted its An-2 fleet from East Germany.


Military of Guinea-Bissau


Hungarian Air Force


Iraqi Air Force


 Khmer Republic[edit]

Khmer National Air Force


Royal Lao Air Force
Pathet Lao
Lao People's Liberation Army Air Force


Latvian Air Force
Latvian National Guard (Zemessardze)
  • 1. Transporta Posms
  • 2. Transporta Posms
  • 3. Transporta Posms


Lithuanian Air Force
  • Transporto Eskadrile - currently operating 5 An-2 aircraft used for paratroop training only.


Macedonian Air Force
  • 501 Padobranski Diverzantski Odred

Current there is one An-2 used for paratroop training.


Air Force of Mali


Moldovan Air Force

Only two are used by Moldovan Air Force all eight are in civilian service


Mongolian People's Air Force


Nicaraguan Air Force
  • Escuadrón de Transporte

 North Yemen[edit]

North Yemen Air Force

 North Korea[edit]

North Korea is believed to have grounded its fleet of about 300 planes due to the high price of fuel.[2]

North Korean Air Force


Polish An-2s were in service between 1951 and 2012.[3]

 Republic of Korea[edit]

Republic of Korean Air Force operates 20 L-2 variants purchased from China and Poland for drill purpose against North Korean invasion, paratrooper operation, and flight trainers. Their presence was considered classified but released into public after a few accidents. Although it is not common to assign HL code to military crafts, these L-2 are one of a few exceptions. However, the HL codes assigned to L-2 shows different plane, such as Cessna 172, from database search.[4]


Romanian Air Force (retired)


Russian Air Force (retired)
Russian Naval Aviation (retired)
Russian Airborne Troops - Used for low altitude parachute training.


Serbian Air Force

One An-2TD used for paratroop training by the 63rd Paratroop Battalion.


Somali Air Corps

 Soviet Union[edit]

The Soviet military's An-2 fleet was dispersed amongst the successor states upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Soviet Air Force
Soviet Naval Aviation


Sudanese Air Force


Syrian Air Force






Ukrainian Air Force
Ukrainian Naval Aviation



Vietnam People's Air Force


Yemen Air Force

Yemen's An-2 fleet was inherited from North Yemen upon unification.


Yugoslav Air Force

Civil operators[edit]


VH-CCE - Melbourne, Victoria
VH-YNT - MKT Airfield, Northern Territory


 People's Republic of China[edit]

Civil Aviation Administration of China


 East Germany[edit]

Deutsche Lufthansa (East Germany)
Gesellschaft für Sport und Technik (paramilitary sports organization)


One An-2R was delivered by the Soviet Union in February 1983 for agricultural purposes and was abandoned at Pearl's Airport after the US-led invasion of Grenada in October 1983.


Hanseflug [5] from spring to fall twice daily offers scheduled flights between the North-Sea islands of Sylt and Föhr.


Golden Rule Airlines



MIAT Mongolian Airlines


2nd Arkhangelsk United Aviation Division
2nd Sverdlovsk Air Enterprise
Polar Airlines
Polet Airlines
UTair Aviation


Antonov Club Avianna

 Soviet Union[edit]



Approximately 10 An-2s were acquired by the Turkish Aeronautical Association (Türk Hava Kurumu - THK) in the early 1980s. These planes are still operational and being used for air sports purposes, mainly parachuting.

 United States[edit]



JAT Yugoslav Airlines


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