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The following table presents a listing of Argentina´s provinces and its autonomous city, ranked in order of their Human Development Index. The last report is from 2013 and covers data from 2012. It is elaborated by the United Nations in conjunction with the Argentine Senate. It is important to note that unlike the UN's Human Development Index where Argentina has an index of 0,811 in 2012,[1] on this report the country has an index of 0,848.[2] This difference is caused because, on the province report, the average family income is used, while on the global report the UN uses the GDP per capita (PPP) to measure the income.[3]

Map showing the HDI of Argentina by provinces (2012).
  Very High (0.800 and over)
  High (0,700–0,799)
  Medium (0.600–0.699)
Ranking Province Capital HDI Population Comparable Country
Very High Human Development
 City of Buenos Aires  City of Buenos Aires 0,889 2,890,151  Slovenia
 Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia 0,880 127,205  Italy
 Santa Cruz Río Gallegos 0,873 127,205  Czech Republic
 La Pampa Santa Rosa 0.864 318,951  Greece
 Córdoba Córdoba 0,862 3,308,876  Greece
 Neuquén Neuquén 0,855 551,266  Brunei
 Mendoza Mendoza 0.852 1,738,929  Brunei
 Río Negro Viedma 0.851 638,645  Cyprus
 Chubut Rawson 0,848 509,108  Cyprus
Argentina Buenos Aires 0.848 40,134,425  Argentina
10º  Santa Fe Santa Fe 0,846 3,194,537  Andorra
11º  Tucumán San Miguel 0,843 1,475,384  Estonia
12º  Entre Ríos Paraná 0,839 1,235,994  Slovakia
13º  Buenos Aires Province La Plata 0,838 15,625,084  Slovakia
14º  Catamarca Catamarca 0,836 367,828  Qatar
15º  La Rioja La Rioja 0,834 333,642  Qatar
16º  Salta Salta 0.832 1,214,441  Hungary
17º  Jujuy San Salvador 0,829 673,307  Hungary
18º  Corrientes Corrientes 0.828 992,595  Barbados
19º  San Luis San Luis 0,828 431,588  Barbados
20º image San Juan San Juan 0.825 695,640  Barbados
21º  Misiones Posadas 0.817 1,101,593  Lithuania
22º  Chaco Resistencia 0.807 1,055,259  Seychelles
23º  Santiago del Estero Santiago del Estero 0,807 874,006  Seychelles
24º  Formosa Formosa 0.806 539,883  Seychelles

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