List of Australian athletics champions (men)

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The Australian Athletics Championships have been conducted since 1890.[1] The most successful athlete at the Championships has been thrower Warwick Selvey who won 19 championships events.[2] Below is a list of Australian champions in athletics by event.[1][3] Through 1965, the distances run were in Imperial units (yards). 1966 saw a wholesale conversion to metric units.

100 metres[edit]

Note: 100 yards until 1966

200 metres[edit]

Note: 220 yards until 1966

400 metres[edit]

Note: 440 yards until 1966

800 metres[edit]

880 yards until 1965

800 metres starting 1966

1500 metres[edit]

The Mile run was held from 1930 until 1965, then was replaced by 1500. An additional mile championship returned between 1987 and 1993 (except 1990).
Mile run

1500 metres

5000 metres[edit]

10000 metres[edit]


110 metres Hurdles[edit]

400 metres Hurdles[edit]

3000 metres Steeplechase[edit]

20 Kilometre Road Walk[edit]

50 Kilometres Race Walk[edit]

Pole Vault[edit]

High Jump[edit]

Long Jump[edit]

Triple Jump[edit]

Shot Put[edit]


Hammer Throw[edit]



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