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The following is a selected list of rose varieties and cultivars which have gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.[1][2]

Dimensions show the maximum height times the maximum spread in square metres.

Variety Hybridiser Year Awarded Flower colour Type Repeat-flowering Fragrance Dimensions Picture Ref*
A Whiter Shade of Pale Pearce 2006 2012 light pink hybrid tea yes strong Rosa 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'.jpg|
Absolutely Fabulous Carruth 2004 2012 yellow floribunda yes strong Julia-child-rose.jpg
Adélaide d’Orléans Jacques 1826 1993 white species climber no mild Rosa Adelaide dOrleans 1.jpg [3]
Rosa × alba 'Alba Maxima' - <1500 2012 white alba no strong
Rosa × alba 'Alba Semiplena' - <1629 1993 white alba no strong Rosa 'Semi-plena'.jpg
Albéric Barbier Barbier 1900 1993 cream rambler no slight 32.0m² Rose Alberic Barbier 20070601.jpg [4]
Albertine Barbier 1921 1993 salmon pink rambler no strong 32.0m² Rosa sp.21.jpg [5]
Alexander Harkness 1972 1993 vermillion hybrid tea yes mild The Alexander Rose.jpg
Alexandre Girault Barbier 1907 2012 carmine-pink rambler yes strong Rose Alexandre Girault 20070601.jpg
Alibaba Warner 2006 2012 azalea pink climber yes moderate
Alister Stella Gray Gray 1894 2012 light yellow noisette yes moderate Rosa 'Alister Stella Gray'.jpg
Aloha Boerner 1949 2002 rose pink climber yes medium 10.0m²

Rapperswil - Duftrosengarten - Harmonie Aloha Str. Boerner 1949 2010-08-29 16-06-44.JPG

Amber Queen Harkness 1984 1993 apricot floribunda yes moderate Rosa Prinz Eugen 2010.jpg
Anna Ford Harkness 1980 1993 orange miniature yes none
Aphrodite Tantau 2006 2012 pink shrub yes medium Aphrodite (Tantau 2006).JPG
Arthur Bell McGredy 1964 1993 pale yellow floribunda yes medium 1.0m²

Arthur Bell by Roger.jpg

Ballerina Bentall 1937 1993 pink & white hybrid musk yes slight 2.5m² Rosa 'Ballerina' J1.JPG [8]
R. banksiae 'Lutea' - - 1993 species yellow climber no slight 48.0m²

Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'.jpg

Beau Narcisse Miellez <1824 2012 crimson gallica no strong
Belvedere Jacques 1829 2012 light pink rambler no strong
Berkshire Kordes 1992 2002 pink shrub yes none
Blanche double de Coubert Cochet-Cochet 1893 1993 white rugosa yes medium 2.5m² Rosa 'Blanc Double de Coubert'.jpg [10]
Bleu Magenta Grandes Roseraies du Val de Loire 1933 1994 purple rambler no slight 16.0m² [11]
Blue for You James 2006 2012 mauve floribunda yes none
Blushing Lucy Williams 1938 2012 light pink rambler no strong
Bobbie James Sunningdale 1961 1993 white rambler no strong 64.0m²

Rosa sp.54.jpg

Bonica Meilland 1982 1993 pink floribunda yes none Rosa cultivar Bonica 82 3.JPG
Bowled Over Tantau 2001 2012 amber floribunda yes moderate
Britannia Fryer 1998 2012 salmon-orange hybrid tea yes moderate
Buff Beauty Bentall 1939 1993 buff hybrid musk yes medium 2.5m² Rosa 'Buff Beauty'.jpg [13]
Buxom Beauty Kordes 1991 2012 pink hybrid tea yes strong Rosa Parole Kordes 2001.jpg
Cantabrigiensis Hurst ~1922 1994 pale yellow shrub yes slight 6.0m²
Carefree Days Meilland 2012 pink patio yes mild
Cécile Brünner Ducher 1880 1994 pale pink polyantha yes medium 1.0m² Cecile Brunner by Malcolm Manners.jpg [14]
Célèste - <1740 1993 pale pink alba no medium 2.5m² [15]
Celsiana - <1732 2012 light pink damask no strong Rosa Celsiana 1.JPG
Rosa × centifolia 'Cristata' Kirche 1827 1993 pink centifolia no strong
Centre Stage Warner 2000 2012 light pink shrub no mild
Cerise bouquet Tantau 1937 1993 pink shrub no medium 16.0m² [16]
Champagne Moment Kordes 1999 2012 cream floribunda yes mild Rose Lions.jpg
Chandos Beauty Harkness 2005 2012 creamy apricot hybrid tea yes strong
Charles de Mills - <1790 1993 purple gallica no strong 2.5m² Rosa 'Charles de Mills' J1.JPG [17]
Charlie’s Rose Tantau 1994 2012 pink hybrid tea yes strong Acapella (Tantau 1995).JPG
Charlotte Austin 1994 2002 pale yellow shrub yes medium 1.0m² Rosa Charlotte.jpg [18]
Chatsworth Tantau <1990 2012 pink patio yes
Chinatown Poulsen 1962 1993 yellow(-pink) floribunda, cl. yes strong
Claret Fryer 2005 2012 crimson hybrid tea yes moderate
Climbing Cécile Brünner Ardagh 1904 1993 pale pink climber yes medium 16.0m² Rosa 'Cécile Brünner CL.' Hosp. 1894 RPO.jpg [19]
Climbing Étoile de Hollande Leenders 1931 1993 red hybrid tea, cl. yes strong
Climbing Iceberg Cant 1968 1993 white climber yes medium 16.0m² RosaIcebergClimbing.JPG [20]
Climbing Lady Hillingdon Hicks 1917 1993 yellow tea, cl. yes moderate Climbing Lady Hillingdon, Upton House gardens - - 1566021.jpg
Climbing Madame Butterfly Smith 1926 2012 light pink hybrid tea, cl. yes moderate
Climbing Shot Silk ? 1993 hybrid tea, cl.
Compassion Harkness 1972 1993 apricot pink climber yes medium 10.0m² Belle de Londres aux Jardins de Bagatelle.JPG [21]
Constance Spry Austin 1961 1993 pink climber no strong 6.0m²

Rose Constance Spry.JPG

Cornelia Pemberton 1925 1993 apricot pink hybrid musk yes strong 2.5m²

Cornelia RBGM 15-6-2014.jpg

County of Yorkshire Kordes <2002 2012 white floribunda yes moderate Innocencia (Kordes 2003).JPG
Crazy for You Weeks 1999 2012 red & white stripes floribunda yes medium Rosa 'Fourth of July' 2.JPG
Crimson Cascade Fryer <1990 2012 dark red hybrid tea, cl. yes mild
Crocus Rose Austin 2000 2012 cream English rose yes mild Rosa-'Crocus-Rose'.jpg
Daisy Hill Smith ~1900 2012 light pink hybrid macrantha no strong
Rosa × damascena var. semperflorens <1633 2012 pink damascena yes strong
Dancing Queen Fryer 2004 2012 pink hybrid tea, cl. yes mild
Dawn Chorus Dickson 1991 2002 orange blend hybrid tea yes mild
De Resht - <1900 1993 purple-crimson Portland damask yes medium 1.0m² Rosa Rose de Rescht.jpg [24]
Debutante Walsh 1901 2012 light pink rambler no strong
Diamond Kordes 1992 2012 white patio yes none
Dizzy Heights Fryer 1999 2012 red hybrid tea, cl. yes strong
Dortmund Kordes 1955 2002 red shrub yes none Dortmund (Kordes 1955).JPG
Dublin Bay McGredy 1975 1993 red climber yes mild Dublin Bay (McGredy 1975).JPG
Duc de Guiche <1810 1993 purple-crimson gallica no strong 2.5m² [25]
Duchess of Cornwall Tantau 2005 2012 orange-pink strong Chippendale (Tantau 2005).JPG
Duchesse d'Angoulême - <1824 2012 centifolia, gallica no
Duchesse de Montebello Laffay 1824 1993 pale pink gallica no medium 1.5m² [26]
Dupontii Dupont 1817 2012 white species /wild no moderate
Easlea's Golden Rambler Easlea 1932 2002 yellow hybrid tea no medium 32.0m² [27]
Elina Dickson 1984 1993 pale yellow rambler yes slight 1.0m² [28]
Fantin-Latour - ~1900 1993 pale pink centifolia no medium 2.5m²

Rose Fantin Latour 20070601.jpg

Fascination Poulsen 1989 2002 light pink floribunda yes slight 1.0m² [30]
Felicia Pemberton 1926 1993 pink hybrid musk yes medium 4.0m²

Rosa 'Felicia'.jpg

Félicité Parmentier 1993 pale pink alba × damask no medium 3.5m² [32]
Félicité Perpétue Parmentier <1836 1993 pale pink rambler no medium 32.0m² Rosa 'Felicite et Perpetue'.jpg [33]
Fellowship Harkness 1992 2002 orange floribunda yes medium 1.0m² Rosa 'Fellowship' J1.JPG [34]
Ferdinand Pichard pink/white stripe bourbon yes medium 2.5m² Rosa 'Ferdinand Pichard' J1.JPG [35]
R. filipes 'Kiftsgate' 1954 1993 white rambler no medium 100.0m² Rosa Kiftsgate.HambrookHal.JPG [36]
Frances E. Lester white/pale pink rambler no medium 32.0m² [37]
François Juranville pale pink rambler no slight 32.0m² [38]
Fru Dagmar Hastrup pink rugosa yes medium 1.5m² Rosa rugosa1.jpg [39]
Frühlingsgold pale yellow shrub no medium 6.5m² [40]
R. gallica officinalis 'Apothecary rose' - - pink gallica no medium 1.0m² [41]
R. gallica versicolor 'Rosa mundi' - <1581 pink/white stripe gallica no medium 1.0m² Rose- Rosa Mundi.JPG [42]
R. moyesii 'Geranium' scarlet moyesii no no 3.0m²

Geranium (Wisley Garden 1938) 01.jpg

Gertrude Jekyll pink shrub yes strong 1.5m²

Gertrude Jekyll.jpg

R. glauca pink shrub yes medium 6.0m²

Rosa glauca B.jpg

Golden Celebration yellow shrub yes medium 1.5m² [46]
Golden Memories Kordes 2002 2012 yellow floribunda yes mild
Golden Showers yellow climber yes medium 10.0m² [47]
Graham Thomas Austin yellow shrub yes medium 3.0m²

Rosa Graham Thomas.jpg

Hot Chocolate Carruth 2002 2012 russet floribunda yes moderate Rosa 'Hot Cocoa' 2.JPG
Iceberg Kordes 1958 1993 white floribunda yes medium 1.0m²

Rosa Iceberg 1.jpg

Ingrid Bergman Poulsen 1984 1993 dark red hybrid tea yes medium Rosa Ingrid Bergman Wien 2014.jpg
Just Joey Cants of Colchester 1972 copper pink hybrid tea no medium 1.0m² Just Joey Rose.jpg [50]
Lovely Lady 'Dicjubell' salmon hybrid tea yes medium 1.0m² [51]
Lucky Fryer 2005 2012 lilac-pink floribunda yes
Madame Alfred Carrière white noisette yes strong 20m² [51]
Madame Grégoire Staechelin pink climber no medium 32m² [52]
Madame Hardy white climber no medium 2m² [53]
Madame Isaac Pereire pink climber no strong 6.5m² [54]
Maigold yellow climber no medium 6.5m² [55]
Margaret Merril white floribunda yes strong 1m² [56]
Mary Rose rose pink floribunda yes medium 1.5m² [57]
Mermaid white climber yes medium 32m² Mermaid r.JPG [58]
Molineux yellow shrub yes medium 01m² [59]
New Dawn pale pink climber yes medium 6.5m² [60]
Nuits de Young maroon moss no medium 01.5m² [61]
Paul's Himalayan musk pale pink rambler no slight 100m² [62]
Penelope white hybrid musk yes medium 1m² [63]
Penny Lane Harkness 1998 2002 flesh pink climber yes medium 6m² [64]
Perle d'Or pale apricot shrub yes strong 1m² Rosa 'Perle d'Or'.jpg [65]
Rambling Rector white rambler no medium 64m² [66]
Rhapsody in Blue Cowlishaw <1999 2012 mauve shrub yes strong
Roseraie de l'Haÿ purple rugosa yes medium 6.5m² [67]
R. rugosa 'Alba' white rugosa yes medium 6.5m² [68]
Simply the Best McGredy 1998 2012 apricot hybrid tea yes strong
Spanish Beauty see Madame Grégoire Staechelin
Summer Time Warner 2003 2012 light yellow patio, Cl. yes moderate
Sweet Haze Tantau 1997 2012 pink blend floribunda yes
The Fairy pink polyantha yes none 1m² [69]
Tuscany Superb deep purple gallica no slight 1m² Rosa Tuscany Superb 1.jpg [70]
Veilchenblau violet rambler no slight 16m² Rosa Veilchenblau - Giverny01.jpg [71]
R. x odorata 'Mutabilis' yellow/pink china yes none 2.5m² [72]

Detracted AGM-Roses[edit]

Variety Hybridiser Year Awarded Flower colour Type Repeat-flowering Fragrance Dimensions Picture Ref
Arthur Bell, Cl. Pearce 1978 2001 yellow climber yes strong [73]
Canary Bird - <1945 yellow shrub yes slight 10.0m² Lyon 5 - Parc des Hauteurs - Jardin du Rosaire - Rose Canary Bird.JPG [74]
Cardinal de Richelieu Parmentier <1847 1993 purple gallica no strong 1.0m² Rosa Cardinal de richelieu110606.jpg [75]
City of London Harkness 1986 1993 white floribunda yes strong FranceNormandieCaenCollineAuxOiseauxRoseCityOfLondon.jpg [3]
Comte de Chambord Robert and Moreau <1858 1993 rose portland yes strong Rosa 'Comte de Chambord' J1.JPG [3]

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